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CCTV News:In order to accelerate the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education and the integration of urban and rural areas, the Ministry of Finance has recently reached 158.2 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3 billion yuan over 2023. It guides and supports localities to further consolidate and improve urban and rural unity and focus on the compulsory education funding guarantee mechanism.
Specifically, the funds issued this time are used to improve the standard of living subsidy for students in family economic difficulties.From the spring semester of 2024, the national basic standards for home economic difficulties are increased. The elementary school has increased from an average of 1,000 yuan per person per year to 1250 yuan. The average of 1250 yuan per person per year to 1,500 yuan per person.The standard continues to be approved by 50%of the national basic standards for boarding students. It is expected that more than 20 million students across the country will receive living subsidies.
At the same time, increase subsidies for the repairs of rural schools.From 2024, the number of subsidy and calculation standards for the unit area of rural school building buildings has been increased, and the eastern central region has increased from 800 yuan/square meter to 1100 yuan/square meter, and the western region has been increased from 900 yuan/square meter to 1200 yuan/square meter, and appropriately increasesMerit standards such as high -cold and high altitude are better to meet the demand for the repairs and earthquake resistance reinforcement of school buildings in rural schools.
Not only that, funds are also used to support to speed up shortcomings and weaknesses.By replenishing the awards, support localized rural teachers’ life subsidy policies, and accelerate the improvement of school running conditions in rural boarding schools.
The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance said that in the next step, the Ministry of Finance will dynamically adjust and improve policy measures according to the new situation and new requirements, continuously increase investment, and support and guide places to accelerate the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education and integration of urban and rural areas.
Source: CCTV
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