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CCTV Beijing May 16th (Reporter Zhu Guan’an) On May 15th, 2024 China International College Student Fashion Week opened in Beijing.The theme of “Flower Flowers” this time will last until May 20.For 6 days, Fashion Week will hold more than 70 activities including special release, video release, special exhibitions, online recruitment, forum lecture halls, creative markets, and professional selection.

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology “Zhiyue” specially released the scene (photo by Zhu Guanan, reporter from

As the highlight of this year’s college student Fashion Week, the special concept of “Innovation” is released, showing the teaching achievements and talent training of 52 colleges and universities.The designers first started with thousands of original costumes.

Qingdao University’s “Big Life” special release site (Photo by Zhu Guanan, reporter from

“In this special release, students hope to show the integration and association of fashion and digital intelligence. They hope to use design works to express their inheritance of culture, interpretation of urban life, and outlook for future fashion.” Zhejiang University of Technology’s clothing and clothingZhou Wei, director and associate professor of the Department of Design, said that college student Fashion Week set up a platform for young designers to show ideas and creativity. Young designers also showed their attitude and understanding of traditional culture and fashion.

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