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Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra has argued that India’s choice of a black-earth pitch against Australia in the 2023 World Cup final was a tactical error that led to their defeat.

In a video on YouTube, Chopra argued that the black-soil pitch, which was supposed to favor India’s spinners, had the opposite effect, restricting their own batsmen and doing little to help the bowlers. He suggested that India should opt for a more neutral pitch so that their batsmen can play more freely.

Aakash Chopra: India’s choice of black soil pitch in World Cup final backfired

Chopra also emphasized that Australia’s ability to cope with pressure and reduce errors was a key factor in their victory. He cited Travis Head’s fearless 137-ball knock as an example of Australia’s positive mindset in the final.

All in all, Chopra believes that India’s choice of venues and Australia’s excellent game management were key factors in the outcome of the World Cup final.

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