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[Global Network Science and Technology Reporter Wang Nan] Recently, China’s online education brand ape tutoring has completed a new round of $ 1 billion in financing.The counseling valuation reached $ 7.8 billion.

Li Yong, the founder and CEO of the company, said in an internal letter: “New investment is our G round financing. Some people joked whether I intend to use all the letters in the letters in financing in the financing of the letter.However, it is undeniable that the new round of financing reflects the continuous optimism of our capital market for apes, and also marks that online education companies have taken the difficult and long road. “

Public information shows that Ape Counseling was established in 2012. It currently has a variety of online education products such as Ape Counseling, Little Ape Search Question, and Zebra AI Lesson.Among them, the ape tutoring is the main K12 network lesson; tool -type products such as small ape mouth, small ape search questions provide intelligent learning services such as intelligent exercises, assignment correction; zebra AI class to focus on low young groups, provide English for children aged 2 to 8,AI interactive courses such as thinking.

According to reports, the company has provided more than 400 million users since its establishment in 2012.As of March 2020, the company has more than 15,000 employees in Beijing’s headquarters, and 11 branches have set up 11 branches in 11 cities including Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Changsha.

About 15 months ago, in December 2018, Ape Counseling was merged to 300 million US dollars in the F -financing F financing led by Tencent, Jingwei China, Huaping Investment Group, and IDG Capital.The value exceeds $ 3 billion.

“Ape tutoring is gradually growing into a brand well known to a student user.” He attributed the company’s rapid development to his “double dance with the times.”

Li Yong said: “Since the emergence of the Internet, people have predicted that the education industry will undergo subversive changes, but entrepreneurs in the past 20 years have not achieved this goal. Now, there are two conditions in our generation of online entrepreneurship process.The first is to mature.”” “

In recent years, with the popularity and development of the Internet, online education has become a popular industry in education and the Internet.

Ai Media Consultation predicts that by 2020, the scale of China’s online education industry will reach nearly 454 billion yuan ($ 64 billion), and the user base will reach 309 million.Ai Media Consulting analyst believes that according to the release of data released in 2018, due to the impact of this epidemic, online re -classes will cover the scale of nearly 300 million people including students and staff in the new crown epidemic in 2020.Online education has ushered in the first large -scale promotion and application of the country, and it may become an important node for the development of online education.

Affected by the epidemic, schools around the world are facing the dilemma of suspension of schools and stopping, but the development of the online education industry has been further accelerated at this moment.According to the market research company’s App Annie data, from January to mid -March this year, Ape Counseling ranked first in “educational” applications in Chinese app stores.

“Due to the sharp increase in the number of online education users during the epidemic, the size of the online education market will continue to maintain rapid growth. Among them, online education in primary and secondary schools under the influence of the pressure of further studies is the key fieldThe teacher said.

The survey shows that comprehensive online education products are high among primary and middle school students.Among the interviewed online education users in primary and secondary schools, 58.0%have used comprehensive online school products for online learning, followed by subject counseling and homework tutoring.

However, the disadvantage of online education has gradually appeared.The survey results show that more than half of the elementary and middle school teachers believe that the online learning effect of students during the epidemic is average, and only 19.0%of teachers think that the online learning effect is good and very good.

“At present, the personalization characteristics of various online education products of various types of primary and secondary schools are not obvious, and the problem of homogeneity of products is prominent. With the huge student size and scale foundation, and the continuous high importance of parents’ education on student education, the online education market in primary and secondary schools is hugeThere are room for development in various segments. “Ai Media analyst said.

In this regard, Ape Counseling actively prepares and responds quickly.On February 15th, the Ape Title Library APP of Ape Counseling Company launched the “National Millions of Millions of People Online”. According to data, a total of 1.23 million middle school students participated, becoming a new record.In addition, the ape tutoring also adopts the “dual -teacher system” to divide the students in the class into a group and be equipped with a class teacher.In addition to the teacher in class, the class teacher will be responsible for solving doubts and plans for students after class, and formulating plans to pay all aspects of the students’ learning process.During the special period of the epidemic, Ape Counseling actively carried out product iteration, providing students with a better experience for students to “go to school”.

On March 31, the Ministry of Education issued a notice saying that the national college entrance examination time was postponed to July 7th to 8th.Faced with the postponement of the college entrance examination, the online education of the ape tutoring announced on April 1 that it will provide a 90 -day thorns testing service to candidates across the country to help candidates better plan and study and achieve comprehensive improvement before the exam.

The course is taught by the teachers of the College Entrance Examination Teaching Center, covered by full subjects, explanations, and scientific planning sprint plans.At the same time, the APP APP of Ape Counseling will also invite experts from various subjects in college entrance examinations to personally grant review ideas and problem -solving skills, and launch psychological counseling before the exam, experience sharing live lessons, etc., to help students prepare for the college entrance examination.This is also a free online learning service provided by the online education after the launch of the free live class during the epidemic period.

“Ape tutoring has the leading front -line teachers in the industry. Relying on the unique massive data teaching and research, it can accurately focus on learning weak links; through leading technical capabilities, create immersive classrooms to enhance learning interaction and interest;Forms are comprehensively concerned about the learning process of each student.

Industry insiders said that with the deepening of parents’ extent on extracurricular courses, the penetration of extra -curricular online education products has been strengthened. Among them, the courses provided by the comprehensive online school online education products are more comprehensive, covering subject counseling and homework guidance.Online education product type.In the future, with the obvious trend of online education products, vertical online education products will be more potential.

In January of this year, VIPKID, an online education brand in China, released the online live lecture brand “Rice Network School” and announced that it has obtained Tencent, Sequoia Capital, and dark horses 80 million US dollars in Series A investment.It is understood that the rice network school is a small class of European and American foreign teachers with primary and secondary school students with primary and secondary school students.

Ping An of China also strategically entered the world’s leading online education group iTutorGroup in the form of capital and resources in July 2019. This veteran education and training institution that has been established for more than 20 years has also become part of the safe and intelligent education business.

“We have always been very optimistic about the online education market. Especially due to the recent epidemic reasons, more and more people have begun to try online education to further promote the acceptance of this industry.” Said Li Xiaojun, a partner of IDG Capital.

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