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Article 23 of the Basic Law passed by the Hong Kong Legislative Council at full speed of votes, the national security legislation is worried about the definition of national secrets and the definition of foreign entities, so that many multinational companies that are still operating in Hong Kong are worried.Some consulting agencies and hedge funds are updating and strengthening their respective emergency plans for this, and seek legal opinions for responding to this new political risk.

In a report published by Reuters on Thursday (March 21), it quoted a company executive of a company that provided consultation with international companies in Hong Kong for decades.Hong Kong and Mainland China, which are regarded as the main base of Asian multinational companies, are treated with each other, which completely isolated from the information of the Hong Kong team from other companies in the company.

Another executive told Reuters that his hedge fund company was concerned about how to deal with regulatory departments and government officials because he was worried about the provisions of the state secrets in the new legislation.

“In the final analysis, it is a lack of trust in the Hong Kong government who has been listening to China,” said a foreign company executive who recently attended a foreign company meeting with Hong Kong officials.

The above three executives, like more than a dozen business people interviewed by Reuters, are unwilling to disclose their identity names because they are talking about sensitive security issues.

The Hong Kong Legislative Council has no objection on Tuesday and adopted the “Regulations on Maintaining the National Security”, which has attracted much attention from all walks of life, and once again triggered the outside world’s concerns about the SAR government’s intention to have waving the country’s great stick under the intention of Beijing.

The National Security Law, which originated from Article 23 of the Basic Law, is officially effective in this

Those who have been accused of violating this legislation can be sentenced to seven years or more in prison, and the highest prison can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and other business associations claim that the legislation will make Hong Kong a “safer place for foreign and professionals operating locally and locally.”

Hong Kong and Chinese officials refute foreign criticism, claiming that the new legislation is conducive to the stability of Hong Kong, and emphasized that this legislation is not stricter than similar legislation in the United States, Britain and Singapore.

However, Reuters quoted some lawyers as saying that the definition of the new legislation around the so -called overseas forces intervention, spies, and how to identify national secrets is too empty and cause people’s concerns about blurring and uncertainty.

Business sources interviewed by Reuters said that the legislation made Hong Kong look close to the national security system of the CCP leader Xi Jinping, so it may weaken Hong Kong’s international role and status.

“For international business and financial investors, the tradition of ordinary laws and Hengping law in Hong Kong is as important as the free flow of information and the free exchange of currency.”Partner Chen Weiheng’s words.

“Therefore, how this legislation will be implemented in the current general law system will be closely concerned and evaluated,” said Chen Weiheng, responsible for affairs in Greater China.

A hedge fund executive told Reuters that the vagueness of the new legislative clauses and implementation rules is the main reason why the company updates its emergency plan.

“We are seeking consultation on two issues. One is whether our research on companies and individuals has made us mistakenly into the risk field, and the other is how we can safely handle our sovereign wealth fund related to foreign governments. This also includes usHow to share and store our research, “the unknown executive said.

“We want to stay in Hong Kong, but if we need it, Singapore is our spare tire,” he said.

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