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As the NHL’s 2023 off-season comes to a close, the ongoing Hot Seat series keeps the spotlight on the Toronto Maple Leafs. This series delves into the various pressures faced by players, coaches, GMs, and team owners across the league.

Following their historic journey to the second round of the playoffs, the Maple Leafs are fully aware that they must raise their performance even further in the upcoming season. The entire team, from players to personnel, recognizes the need for continuous improvement.

One key figure feeling the heat is Coach Sheldon Keefe. With former GM Kyle Dubas departing, all eyes are on Keefe as he enters the final year of his coaching contract. Despite guiding Toronto to the second round for the first time since 2003-04, Keefe’s future remains uncertain, with his coaching contract extension yet to materialize.

The arrival of new Leafs GM Brad Treliving has brought changes to the coaching staff, introducing assistant coaches Guy Boucher and Mike Van Ryn. This dynamic shift adds intrigue to Keefe’s situation, with speculation about his successor. A successful season could secure Keefe’s position, while a disappointing outcome might lead to his replacement.

For Keefe, this is a pivotal make-or-break period. His fate hinges on the team’s performance, and a deep playoff run could solidify his role. Anything less may result in his departure from the organization.

Shifting the focus to the warm seat, right winger William Nylander faces an intriguing situation. While he maintains a playful stance with the media, Nylander is acutely aware of his standing within the Leafs. If he isn’t willing to agree to a contract below $10 million per season, Treliving might consider trading him to bolster the team’s defense. Should Nylander agree to a more team-friendly deal, he could remain an integral part of the roster.

Nylander’s exceptional contributions have earned him a considerable raise from his previous salary. Comparisons with Auston Matthews’ raise of approximately $1.3 million underscore Nylander’s potential earnings, likely around $9 million per season. The projected rise in the salary cap for the 2024-25 campaign could facilitate his retention within the Leafs’ budget.

As for the cold seat, center John Tavares holds a stable position for the next two seasons, complete with an $11 million cap hit and a no-trade clause. While some may argue that Auston Matthews now occupies the “coldest” seat with his contract extension, Tavares’ immediate future with the Leafs is secure. Despite his relatively high salary, Tavares’ commitment to the team’s success is evident.

While trade interest in Tavares is minimal, the possibility of a future contract renegotiation raises intrigue. Observers wonder whether Tavares would follow the example of players like Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci, who took significant pay cuts to benefit their teams. Tavares’ 14 NHL seasons have yielded substantial earnings, and he could potentially support the Leafs by agreeing to a reduced cap hit in a contract extension.

As the NHL gears up for the 2023 season, all eyes are on the Toronto Maple Leafs

As the 2023 NHL season unfolds, the Toronto Maple Leafs find themselves at a critical crossroads. The pressure is on to build on their recent success and establish themselves as a dominant force in the league. Every move and decision will be analyzed under the Hot Seat Radar, and the team’s performance will determine their trajectory.

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MLS Football Jersey