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Barcelona still retain the possibility of bringing João Felix to the club as the transfer window draws to a close. The striker, who wants to join Atlético Madrid, has declared his desire to play for Barcelona, and while there is little to suggest that a deal is possible, Barcelona are working on a package in order to bring the former golden boy back to the team.

According to Helena Condis, Barcelona are considering swapping Felix for Atleti in a move that could happen in the final days of the transfer window.

Barcelona want Jonfatti in exchange for Felix

Condis points out that there are several obstacles to the deal, notably Barcelona boss Xavi, who is not keen on bringing Felix to the club. Similarly, Fati has made it clear that he wants to stay at Barcelona, so he would have to be convinced to head to Atletico Madrid.

This is despite the fact that Fati’s agent, Mendes, is working hard to broker the deal. The Portuguese super-agent stated earlier this summer that Fati has no intention of going anywhere but is keen to get Felix out of Atletico.

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MLS Football Jersey