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Beijing News (Reporter Liu Yang) At about 3 pm on April 25th, the service time of the primary and secondary schools in Beijing was uploaded on the playground of the primary school in Beijing School.In order to further promote the cooperation of home -school social and social and social affairs and promote the family relationship between cadres and employees of cadres and employees in the urban sub -center, under the guidance of the Beijing Municipal Organization Committee and the Urban Education Commission, Beijing schools use the “small hand to pull big hands” to enjoy life with the time of school service.Parent -child Games, the sports meeting lasted for three days, a total of 2,700 families, more than 5,000 students, and their parents participating in the parent -child interesting movement on the school.
Beijing School uses the “little hand to pull big hands” to enjoy the parent -child sports meeting of life after school service time.Beijing News reporter Liu Yang
After the opening ceremony of the Games, the first and second grades of elementary schools took the lead.The event opened in the singing of “The Most Dazzling National Style” sang by the two physical education teachers, and sang to the climax. The children in the audience shouted “stay” with the teacher together., I took out my mobile phones to shoot the children’s excitement moment.When the music of “Shangchun Mountain” sounded, the children immediately pulled up the parents around them to jump together. Although the parents were unfamiliar, they tried their best to cooperate, and the scene was filled with a happy atmosphere.
The sports meeting is divided into three links: exhibition, competition and experience. In addition to experiencing the parent -child fitness “Shangchun Mountain”, admiring “five poultry dramas”, foot basketball performances, etc. Parents and children will also experience the pot, tug of war, push iron ring, back basket hydrangea,Traditional sports such as ribbon dragons, playing gyro.
The two sports teachers opened with singing.Beijing News reporter Liu Yang
“Although it is only one or two hours of sports meeting, our family has been preparing very early, learning fitness exercises, and practicing relay running. This has become a topic that our family is talking about every day.”Mr. Wang said.He believes that the school holding a parent -child sports meeting provides the family with a harmonious communication opportunity, and also gives parents and children’s common movement. “The three parties of the home schools cooperate to educate people to help children develop exercise habits.”
Leng Chuancai, director of the Sports and Arts Department of the Beijing Education Commission, said that Beijing School, as a direct school of the Municipal Education Commission, adheres to the concept of “running schools and serving people”. Under the guidance of the leadership departments of the urban areaFirst and five education integration, actively build a platform for students to develop comprehensive development, and become a rising star in the field of basic education in the city’s sub -center.The sports meeting was a positive exploration and practice of a home -school social cooperation. It also played an active role in promoting students’ health, close parent -child relationships, spreading the concept of fitness, and promoting regional development.The school holding a parent -child fun sports meeting is to promote the whole society to pay attention to the physical and mental health and daily exercise of young students.
Primary school students do exercise and play together with their parents.Beijing News reporter Liu Yang
“We adhere to one -day physical education class and exercise for an hour every day, that is, to give full play to the role of schools and families, so that children have a strong quality of will and have a healthy body and mind.”The movement of the “small hand to pull the big hand” not only creates the opportunity to spend time with their children and communicate with their children, but also creates a concern for cadres and workers who work hard before the case.Opportunities, “Family health and prosperity will become the help of the city’s sub -center and even the capital construction and development of the capital.” Leng Chuan said.
“Today, parents also came to the playground to participate in the event with us. Classmates, are you happy?” Liu Zehao, a student in the fourth grade, issued an initiative to all parents, teachers and students.Fitness method, mastering good exercise methods, and constantly improve physical fitness.
Parents exercise with their children.Beijing News reporter Liu Yang
“利用课后服务时间举办趣味运动会不影响孩子的正课,初衷就是为了家校社协同推进学生的身心健康,我们希望通过有趣的体育活动让孩子们既锻炼了身体又提升心理素质。”北京Liu Jinzhen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, introduced that this time the choice of traditional sports projects intended to strengthen cultural self -confidence, allow traditional sports culture to take root in children’s hearts, while promoting their families to further promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation.
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