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Science and Technology Daily reporter Ma Aiping

In order to build a coordinated mechanism for youth science education with an effective linkage and close cooperation and improve the effectiveness of the implementation of scientific education, on March 23, Beijing cares about the next -generation working committee (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Customs Committee“) Beijing Science and Technology Association (hereinafter referred to as”Beijing Science and Technology Association“) A signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation framework agreement at the Beijing Science Center.

At the ceremony, the “Beijing Youth Science Education Base” jointly built by the Beijing Science and Technology Association and the Beijing Customs and Industry Commission will be unveiled.Provide services to the capital youth.

Ding Yong, Secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the Beijing Science and Technology Association, said in his speech that the two sides adhered to the principle of “co -construction, sharing, and sharing”, “The promotion of scientific activities “and other contents, sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement, jointly guide young people to establish and practice the core values of socialism, support and help young people grow up, and lead the majority of teenagers to listen to the party and follow the party.

Liang Wei, director of the Beijing Customs Committee, said that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties marked that the capital cares for the next generation of work to make the use of high -quality scientific education resources, and the popular science education activities of libraries, schools, homes, and social linkage have achieved new breakthroughs in new breakthroughsIt has a solid step with important significance.The two parties will give full play to their own advantages, jointly help the high -quality development of the capital’s youth science and technology education, and make the Beijing Science Center a demonstration model of “Beijing Youth Science Education Base”, so that more young people will “learn in our” our science “brand activitiesScience and love science “became the pillar of science and technology to report to the country at an early date.

It is reported that in the future, the two parties will focus on the fundamental tasks of Lide Tree, make good use of high -quality resources and platforms from all walks of life, build a youth science education base, do a good jobTogether with the new chapter of the Capital Youth Science Education.

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