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Lin Guotai, director of the Singapore Food Bureau, is about to retire, and Chen Zhirong, the executive vice president of the Economic Development Bureau, will be taken over.

The Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Environment issued a statement on Monday (March 25) that the director of the Food Bureau Lin Guotai will retire on May 1, and Chen Zhirong will officially take over the Food Bureau.

Lin Guotai (51 years old) was appointed Director of the Agricultural Food and Veterinary Bureau (AVA) of the former Singapore Agricultural Food and Veterinary Bureau (AVA) in October 2017.On April 1, 2019, he integrated the food -related functions of the Agriculture and Food Bureau, the National Environment Bureau and the Health Science Bureau and established the Singapore Food Bureau (SFA), which plays an important role in promoting my country’s food development.

Under the leadership of Lin Guotai, the Food Bureau formulated a “three major food baskets” strategy to ensure the safety of Singapore’s food safety through the diversification of food sources, local production and overseas production, while ensuring food safety from farms to dining tables.

During Lin Guotai’s office, the authorities implemented a number of measures, including the launch of the agricultural food industry transformation fund; the Singapore aquaculture plan was launched; the “from farm to dining table” commendation plan was launched;Turn into high -tech agricultural food areas to ensure that Chinese people have sufficient food supply.

Chen Zhirong (51 years old), who is about to take over as director of the Food Bureau, is currently the executive vice president of Economic Development Bureau and is responsible for key positions such as the development, policies and planning of the regulatory industry.In the past few years, he has led the development of the local agricultural food industry and provided relevant experience for the Food Bureau.

In addition, the Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Bureau also issued a statement on Monday that Huang Jinxian was appointed as the chairman of the Health Promotion Bureau. The term of office starts from April 1st this year to March 31, 2027. The current chairman Li Ruiquan retires on March 31.

Li Ruiquan has been the chairman since April 1, 2017. The Supervision and Health Promotion Bureau supports the nation’s anti -diabetes, increases the choice of health food and beverages, and launches nutritional measures.Under his supervision, the authorities have established a partnership network in communities, schools, and workplaces to integrate a healthy lifestyle into the daily life of Chinese people.

Huang Jinxian, who is about to take office, is the president and chief executive officer of Shengke Industrial Group. He has 30 years of strategic leadership and management experience and has contributed to global energy transformation and Singapore’s labor development.Member of the bureau.

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