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  Consumers are constantly undergoing intergenerational changes, and consumer demand is constantly changing.This is why all brands need to be continuously iterated and innovative.

  Product innovation is a “big test” that all brands cannot bypass.At this point, Ai Kuan, a healthy and convenient food advocate, made an excellent example for the industry.

  Category lead

  Insight the target crowd consumption behavior

  Reasonablely propose the concept of “four modernizations”

  ① Three changes to the fast -food track: toward the diversified development of health, quality, characteristics, etc.

  It is convenient for fast -food products to be accompanied by the most essential demand of human beings for “eating”. Its development has also changed with various factors such as technology, social change, economic drive, and Internet rise.

  The era of “fullness”: The convenience of fast food in this era can pay attention to full food, and it is easy to store and carry.

  The “delicious” era: During this period, frozen dried porridge, self -heated food and other subdivisions emerged.Consumers need a better choice on the basis of fullness, and various brands continue to launch new flavors to maintain the freshness of consumers.

  The era of “diversification”: In this era, with the further strengthening of people’s health awareness, coupled with the personalized pursuit of young people, consumers began to pay attention to the delicious health, characteristics, quality, and even brand concepts of food.

  Throughout the development process of convenient and fast food, new types of convenient food products have continued to emerge. Brands represented by Akuan Foods have continuously upgraded the entire category with technological innovation and product innovation.With the upgrading of consumers’ needs, the industry will develop towards health, diversification and quality in the future.

  ② Insight the trend of consumption, Akuan proposes multi -brand strategy and “four -way concepts” to lead the convenience of changes in the food industry

  Health is a major trend that facilitates fast food, but it is not the only solution.

  In the future, convenient fast -food products must meet the needs of consumers to pursue convenient, efficient, and high -quality lifestyles, and to meet the changes in channels.

  Based on such consumer insights and channel changes, A Kuan Food held the Baijia -Kuan Food New Product Publishing Conference and Global Partner Conference on March 19.At the meeting, Akuan Food released multi -brand strategies and took the lead in proposing the “Four Four Concepts”, that is, in the future, it is unique, healthy, snacks, and cost -effective.

  Shen Zhiyong, assistant to the assistant general of the China Food Industry Association and director of the Ministry of Enterprise Development, said in his speech: “It is convenient for the food industry as an important part of the food industry and play an important role in promoting the high -quality development of my country’s food industry. According to relevant research institutions The report analysis shows that it is expected that the market size of food in 2025 will reach 630 billion yuan. Driven by the “House Economy”, the market size of food in the future is expected to maintain a stable growth trend, and the development of the industry has reached a new level. “

  Chen Zhaohui, chairman of Sichuan Baijiakuan Food Industry Co., Ltd. shared: “When the epidemic dividend disappears, the phenomenon of consumption downgrade appears, it is convenient for the return of the fast food industry to the state of rationality, and it is also facing new challenges. We have to listen to consumption.The opinions of the person found that their unimpeded needs, refined real needs from various data, reports, and phenomena, and combined with the company’s own technology and genes to produce better products to meet the potential needs of consumers”,”

  In fact, Akuan Food has long been aware of these trend changes in the fast -food industry and adopted corresponding measures.

  Huang Yonggang, the general manager of Baijia Akuan Food Instant Noodle Division, told Akuan Food’s multi -brand strategy, the “Four Chemical Concepts” and the new products released this time.

  Next, Akuan Food will build the Baijia Akuan brand all dominated by the Baijia, Akuan, Jinli Ancient Street, Magic Xiaoyan, Small Town Story, and Santa Forest.Essence

  Many industry insiders said that this conference is a key node in the development process for A Kuan food and even the entire fast -food track.Among them, the proposal of Akuan Food’s “Four Merchants” provides a clear direction of change in the future development of the fast -food industry, and promotes the entire industry to develop towards healthy, quality and diversified development.

  Judging from the new products released by Akuan Food this time, the first potato mud noodles created by Akuan Food correspond to unique and unique, and the magic -filled konjac series corresponds to healthy nutritionalization.The product corresponds to the cost -effectiveness.

  Taking the magic small konjac series as an example.Akuan Food combines the cognition of konjac with a lot of cognition with dietary fiber, and more diverse categories of consumption scenarios, as well as the popular product forms of the people.Waiting for products not only meet the consumers’ needs for health and nutrition, but also promote the further penetration of konjac foods into the daily life of the public.

  Many times, the reform of an industry often starts with category innovation.

  Akuan Food In -depth insights consumer needs, and the new products and “Four Merchants” launched not only broke the stereotypes of consumers’ stereotypes for fast food from the perspective of craftsmanship, raw materials, taste, and food experience.The innovation limitations of food products have brought about the innovation of the entire industry.

  Innovation iterative

  A Kuan is the solution to consumption problem

  It is the leader of the development of the industry

  As food, delicious food is the first and the foundation of a successful category.

  From consumer demand insights, raw materials selection to taste research and development, from packaging design to healthy and delicious claims, Akuan Food has always polished products, solving consumers to solve their consumer demand, provides better solutions, and for industry guidance for innovation and development.direction.

  ① Akuan first pioneered potato mud noodles, and sold more than 10 million in the first month of listing

  Tudou mud noodles are a new product created by Akuan Food in October 2023. The sales volume of a single channel in the first month of listing has exceeded 10 million.

  Being able to achieve such good results is inseparable from A Kuan Food’s insight into consumer demand and strong research and development capabilities.

  Potato mud noodles and powder are not a new thing.Many sticky foods appeared in Chengdu, Changsha and other places, and burst into fire with the help of eating and sowing. This offline food also fire from the store to the online.After learning about this phenomenon, A Kuan Food did not blindly start product research and development. Instead, he went deep into more than a dozen cities across the country and surveyed nearly a hundred

  After many investigations, Akuan Foods found that the “happy happiness of dual carbohydrates” such as potato mud mixing and noodles is an important reason for young consumers.At the same time, there are no similar products on the convenience of fast food tracks.

  There is a wide range of consumer groups, and there is still a vacancy on the fast -food track. A Kuan Food, which holds a large number of first -hand research data, has begun to develop the product.

  The core of product development is delicious and experience.

  In order to ensure the taste of the product, the R & D team of Akuan Food has collected the powder of more than 50 suppliers on the market for experiments, thereby screening the most suitable potato flour.

  In addition, in order to overcome technical problems such as noodles and raw powder soaked, A Kuan Food has redesigned the packaging container through multiple batches of verification to determine the standard water injection. FinallyReal operation has a better sense of experience.

  The potato puree noodles created by Akuan

  With its unique product flavor and new convenient food consumption experience, the potato mud noodles have been loved by many consumers once they were listed, and achieved more than 10 million sales in a single channel in the first month of listing.

  With the burst of potato mud noodles, the taste of the product has also extended from the cumin barbecue flavor of Chengdu’s distinctive flavor at the beginning to the sweet and spicy flavor of turkey noodles, tomato sour flavor, old altar sauerkraut flavor and other seriesEssence

  ② Avoid homogeneous inner rolls, small fresh powder of Jinli Ancient Street subverts traditional craftsmanship

  In addition to the “noodle” track, A Kuan Food still maintains the industry’s leading technology and competitiveness in the category of “pink”.

  Akuan food has always been explored and original in the technology technology of pink technology.The original high -water wet powder key technology, separated by traditional squeezing powder and crystal powder, subverts the industry, and applies this process to small fresh powder on Jinli Ancient Street.

  The wet powder and sour powder process of small fresh powder in Jinli Ancient Street combines the traditional hand -pink powder leakage process in Chengdu. After the selection of raw materials, cleaning, grinding, filtering, precipitation, pouring, pour powder and other processes.In the end, a new production powder leakage process that restores the traditional hot and sour powder process to the greatest extent, and produces the hottest hot and sour powder product of Chengdu restaurants to the greatest extent.

  Compared with ordinary fast -sour powder, the hot powder of small fresh powder of Jinli Ancient Street will be thicker, but it will not be hard -hearted.At the same time, the problem of adhesion is also avoided.

  ③ Build a bridge between the brand to communicate with consumers

  Looking back at the new products released by Akuan Foods this time, it is not difficult to find “meeting real consumer needs” and “industry -leading technology” is the key to the success of the product.

  With the development of the times, young consumers have become the main force of the market.How to link young people and make young people with branded brand, creating products that are more in line with young people have become a problem that many companies need to solve.Akuan Food, a company with deep technical strength in the food processing industry, has continued to explore in this regard, and has accumulated its own loyal fan base.

  College student group participates in Akuan products trial eating and consumer communication

  From the perspective of 2023, the official announcement of his own fan Ernie has become a brand promotion ambassador, sponsoring the national youth fencing competition, excavating the chase youth on the Douyin, the new party of the college students, and the welcome youth representatives.”A Kuan Tu Tucuo Conference” with the college student organization …

  Akuan Food always respects consumers and creates products and content with consumers.In this process, consumers’ opinions and suggestions are converted into the direction of product innovation and iteration.

  At the end

  The brand must clarify its own innovation direction

  Go to promote the development of the entire industry

  For a long time, Akuan Food has taken product innovation as a driving force to lead the development of the industry.From the creation of red oil noodles, original wet powder technology subverting industry crafts, release of group standards for “Non -Fried Instant Skin”, the first potato mud noodles, etc., A Kuan Food has achieved excellent results in different development stages.

  It can be seen that, with the development of the product that gives users the real needs, Akuan Food not only renewed its brand and products, but also through the proposal of the “Four Merchants” to jump out of the original development direction of the convenience of fast food categories.It belongs to its brand innovation direction.

  Since then, the choice of fast food has a new guidelines that are more distinctive, healthier, nutritious, more convenient, and cost -effective.

  And all this also leads market changes and gives more possibilities for facilitating the fast -food industry.

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