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On May 22, another major scientific research project of Peking University in Huairou Science City -light element quantum material cross platform was launched.This platform is the world’s first quantum material research platform with a light element system as its core research object. After operation, it will precisely prepare, measure and regulate light element quantum materials, and explore its in information, energy, biology, environment and other fieldsActual application.
“Hydrogen, 氦, lithium, boron … these light elements that are active at the forefront of the chemical element cycle table are our research targets.” Jiang Ying, head of the platform and professor of the School of Physics of Peking University, used the word “extraordinary”.Describe them -because the materials composed of these light elements have the characteristics of strong nuclear quantum effects, stable structure, rich raw materials, and low synthetic costs, and have unique advantages in physical research.Quantum materials are not dominated by typical physical laws. They can break through the application boundary of classic materials and spawn subversive phenomena, but it is “fragile” and usually depends on extreme conditions such as low temperature, high pressure, and vacuum.As a result, scientists tried to combine light elements and quantum materials, hoping to help quantum materials break through the “vulnerability” bottleneck through the unique advantages of the light element system.
The construction of the platform provides ideal research conditions for this “strong union”.According to Jiang Ying, the platform has four research departments with quantum material design and prediction, precision preparation of quantum materials, quantum quantum precise detection and regulation, quantum device processing and testing.Chain and open cutting -edge cross -edge research.”Here, we can enter the real application from the previous extreme environment by precise preparation and regulation of light element quantum materials.”
For example, in general, superconducting phenomena appear in extremely low temperature environments, but experiments found that under high -pressure conditions, superconducting can also be realized in an environment near room temperature.One of the systems, and through quantum regulation, it may also achieve room temperature superconducting when it is close to normal pressure. If the results can be applied to actual life, the energy consumption during the power conveying process will be greatly reduced.Based on the platform, the team is developing new materials and prototypes to explore the novelty of light element quantum materials under different conditions.
The platform started in September 2020 and completed in May 2023.During the construction of the platform, the team’s research on light element materials has been launched.On the 22nd, Jiang Ying also brought a good news: The team successfully developed a new type of scanning probe with independent intellectual property rights and completed the localization. It has ultra -high sensitivity and ultra -high resolution, and its core parameters have reached the international leading level.This microscope uses extremely weak high -end static electricity to achieve the imaging and positioning of hydrogen atoms for the first time, which helps the development and application of light element quantum materials.
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