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In Chunhe Jingming, there are more and more people who go out to enjoy flowers.

In this year’s flower viewing army, “new Chinese” wearing points is eye -catching.Many netizens shared: Wear the fluttering Hanfu, do n’t put pink and tender petals, the path of the forest, and colorful, beautiful and romantic.

Volkswagen’s demand for national tide clothing is growing, and merchants have also continued to innovate in consumer scenarios.Following the “Spring Festival shirt”, the “new Chinese style” put on this spring again, and continued to lead the consumption trend, helping the “Spring Economy” heating up.

Spring Festival hot “new Chinese style” dress continues to be popular spring day

During the Spring Festival, the topic of “Caoxian sold 300 million horse noodle skirts is still in short supply” rushed to the hot search, and the horse noodle skirt was also called the “Spring Festival shirt” by netizens.After the Spring Festival, the popularity of this “new Chinese style” not only did not dissipate, but also continued to show a rising momentum in this spring.

Today, “new Chinese” wear is loved by more and more people

Right now, the garden is in spring, and the “new Chinese” wear complement the Chinese architecture, and the consumption forms such as the appointment, travel and shooting are also popular.Costume rental merchants went to the new horse -noodle skirts, 簪 flowers and other explosive costumes in advance, and launched shooting packages.”The order is 50%more than last year.” Some merchants said.

Recently, the spring and summer trends of the 2024 clothing industry released by Vipshop show that “new Chinese” wear will become one of the most important trends in spring and summer this year.Dip buckle jackets, horse noodle skirts, embroidered shirts, national wind suits, etc. will usher in the outbreak of sales in spring and summer.

Right now, people in different scenes in daily life wear all kinds of horse -noodle skirts with spring meaning

On a number of e -commerce platforms, new Chinese costumes have also become one of the fastest -growing categories before and after the Spring Festival.Since January this year, the search volume of Hanfu has skyrocketed, and the sales of clothing with the theme of “new Chinese” have doubled compared with January last year, and the sales of new Chinese women’s clothing have increased by nearly double.Among them, horse -noodle skirts have become the most popular items under the Hanfu category.

Nowadays, opening various social software, I believe that more and more videos related to “new Chinese” wear will be seen. There are beautiful and romantic films sharing, and simple and practical suggestions.Putting on the “new Chinese style”, the beautiful records of the beautiful records have become the choice of many people in this spring.

Formation innovation+cheap sales “new Chinese” dressing is so hot

Why is the “new Chinese style” wearing so hot?

It seems that the entire network is hot overnight, and behind it is actually the continuous transformation and innovation of the entire industry.Combining traditional Chinese elements with modern fashion design, combine with modern and more popular dressing scenes, and become the consensus of merchant brands.

On the e -commerce platform, all kinds of “new Chinese” clothing suitable for different scenarios are selling hotly

Traditional Chinese elements such as embroidery, plate buckle, and ink stains, combined with modern fashion design, will form a strong attraction to the younger generation with unique national tide aesthetics.

According to industry insiders, new Chinese costumes are increasingly “life.”In the past, the new Chinese costumes that were focused on in traditional festivals and national style photography now appeared more in women’s workplace and daily wear.Do the zipper behind the cheongsam to decorate the original functional plates, change the wide cuffs with wide traditional clothing … “Chinese -style wear” to daily, wearing scenes are becoming more and more extensive.

On social platforms, various practical “new Chinese” wear teaching videos can be seen everywhere

Today, the clothing brand is also focusing on the design and research and development of new Chinese clothing.Women’s clothing brand, which has been dominated by fashion wear, focuses on the new Chinese style costume this year.Around the Spring Festival this year, at the Vipshop, its new Chinese style accounted for about 25%in its overall style, and the sales of new Chinese clothing increased several times year -on -year.

The style is more in line with the life and aesthetics of contemporary people, and the price is increasingly affordable with the continuous injection of large -scale production and capital.Undoubtedly, the return of the price to a large extent helps the hot sale and popularity of “new Chinese” clothing.

Cultivate the new consumption growth point of “tide products” for domestic goods allows consumers and traditional culture to “go to two -way”

In this year’s government work report, it is clear that it is necessary to actively cultivate new consumption growth points such as smart homes, entertainment tourism, sports events, and domestic products.

With the popularity of horse -faced skirts and cricket flowers, more and more “new Chinese” inject new vitality into the cultural tourism, fashion and other industries, and become a new forces to promote consumption and drive industrial development.However, how does the new power grow further and how old is it?

Not only the Chinese love, but the “new Chinese style” wear is also attracting foreign students

In Xi’an Hanfu Market, Zhu Zizhen, the manager of the Jinyu Yao Tai Hanfu Cultural Experience Hall, who was the earliest batch of Hanfu sales of Hanfu, said that the horse -faced skirt did bring opportunities to the Hanfu culture and the national tide brand, but they wanted to achieve more long -term results.It is not enough to rely on horse -reinforced skirts.

“The horse -faced skirt actually provides a key idea for the promotion of Hanfu culture. We need to” hit iron while it is hot. ‘, Find strategies to adapt to their own development in the cruel market, continue to launch a new hotspot that can attract capital interests and provoke public desire to buy in orderContinue to win this ‘relay race’. “

The co -branded spring Chinese service series “Spring and Jingming” of Nanjing Museum and Taobao Clothing first launch

Just in the near future, the co -branded spring Chinese service series “Spring and Jingming” of the Nanjing Museum and Taobao Clothing was launched.Netizens said that such trend fashion models not only retain the elegance of traditional aesthetics, but also increase the convenience of modern fashion, making it easier for the public to accept and move towards daily.

In the future, how to continue to realize the “two -way go” of consumers and traditional culture, let more national goods “tide products” enter the public life, establish a closer and natural connection with the public, or the direction of the industry’s needs.


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