MLS Football Jersey

During a recent episode of the Arians podcast, Stephen Curry, the prominent figure of the Golden State Warriors, offered his perspective on the next wave of basketball talents.

Podcast Host: The league is witnessing the emergence of numerous young and talented players. In your view, who holds the promise to carry on your legacy and leave a substantial mark on the sport?

Curry Commends Rising Stars, Doncic and Tatum, for Their Potential Impact

Curry: It’s definitely a thought-provoking question. As I approach the age of 35, it’s hard to overlook the immense talent exhibited by the new generation. Just look at Doncic and Tatum, both in their early 20s yet already displaying incredible prowess. Doncic, especially, appears to possess the potential for future accolades. When you share the court with them, you can truly feel their passion and the way they’re reshaping the game. I’m genuinely optimistic that they’re destined for unparalleled achievements down the line.

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MLS Football Jersey