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Original title: During the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period, Henan Education Development Blueprint

At the provincial education work conference held on February 1, Henan Province has clarified the focus of education in the new year, with the key indicators of “double first -class” construction, science and education integration, and high -quality and balance of basic education.A detailed “roadmap” of education development.

In the past year, Henan Education has achieved remarkable results: 135,200 new public kindergarten degrees, disciplinary institutions have decreased by 94.7%, training fees have decreased by more than 40%, and the integration of vocational education production and education has gradually formed. College service serviceThe ability of economic and social development has continued to improve, which is inseparable from the solid steps of the construction of strong education in Henan.

In the new year, Henan Education has identified eight major key projects: three adjustments and optimizations of first -class universities construction and advantageous discipline forging engineering, higher education “adjustment and optimization” engineering, science and education integration coordination project, vocational education highland construction project, basic education expansion and optimization referralQuality engineering, high -level talent training capacity improvement project, excellent teacher team construction project, and high -level education open promotion project.

In order to change the current situation of high education in Henan, the construction and creation of “double first -class” are considered an important breakthrough.Li Peng, president of Zhengzhou University, said: “In 2023, Zhengzhou University added 2 top 1% of ESI disciplines and reached 5; ESI ranked 266th in the world and 23 domestic universities.” In 2024, Henan Higher Education “Double Airlines” ZhengzhouThe universities, Henan University and 7 universities will focus on the construction of disciplines, accelerate the implementation of the “discipline peak” plan, ensure that 5-8 disciplines enter the forefront of the country, and enhance the contribution and influence of Henan higher education.

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