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[Exploring the brain: The wonderful science and technology journey of children and scientists] This article introduces the post -doctoral tutor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to explore the activities of the mysterious areas of the brain.Through vivid explanations and hands -on experiments, the children understood the structure and functions of the brain, and also mentioned the research results of Beihang Super Microblon Technology, showing the forefront of brain science research and the positive impact of scientific and technological education on children.


Let’s walk into the children’s brain science adventure together.The event was led by Professor Wang from the University of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He used the vivid metaphor of the image, so that the children had an intuitive understanding of the structure and function of the brain.The children follow the steps of the professor, step by step to understand how the brain handles information, feel external stimuli, and control our body operation.This scientific journey not only gave children a strong interest in the mystery of the brain, but also inspired their scientific enthusiasm in experiments and interactions.

The professor also shows the children the Beihang Super Micromagnetic Technology. This leading international technology can monitor the brain signal in real time, which is of great significance to study the concentration, memory and disease treatment effect of the brain.The application of this technology has penetrated into multiple aspects of pilot monitoring, disease treatment and multi -person collaboration, bringing new breakthroughs to the field of brain science research.

As a technology education platform for young people, the “Lingchuang Children’s Lecture Hall” has held more than ten issues, providing children with opportunities to contact and understand cutting -edge technology.The children’s unsolved mystery interactive link shows their curiosity and cravings of science.Professor Wang Yaojie encourages children to continue to be scientific curiosity. I believe that more children can join the study of brain science in the future.

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