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According to famed reporter Shams, sources have revealed that Hield and the Pacers have begun conversations with other teams about a potential trade after contract extension talks stalled.

Harrison Feigen, a reporter with the Lakers, retweeted Shams’ report and a photo of Pelinka, sparking speculation.

The Lakers have been interested in Hield, but have failed to reach an agreement with the Pacers. According to the famous journalist Scotto previously reported, the Pacers had to Willow as the main body of the deal to the Lakers asked Willow + Tucker + 2027 & 2029 two first-round signatures, the Pacers sent Turner + Hilde + Tess, but this program was rejected by the Lakers.

The possibility of Hield trade

Hield trade makes another splash, Lakers still potential downside

Hield is an excellent scorer with solid 3-point shooting. He is one of the few players in the league who shoots over 40% from the field in difficult situations.

The Lakers have been looking for a player who can provide the team with a scoring spark, and Hield is the perfect fit. If the Lakers can get Hield, it will greatly improve the team’s offensive strength.

Possible trade scenarios for the Lakers

If the Lakers want to get Hield, they need to make some concessions. They may need to send Willis + Tucker + multiple first round picks.

The Lakers could consider sending Willis + Tucker + two first round picks in 2027 and 2029 + a 2024 first round swap to the Pacers for Hield + Tyus + a future first round pick.

This scenario would allow the Lakers to get Hield and also Tyus’ defense to make up for Willis’ defensive deficiencies.


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MLS Football Jersey