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Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson believes Postecoglou has been able to seamlessly integrate into Premier League life thanks to his experience of coaching in the Champions League at Celtic.

Tottenham are currently top of the Premier League and the Australian boss is unbeaten in his first nine games.

Speaking ahead of Tottenham’s trip to Crystal Palace, Hodgson insisted that it was no surprise to him that Postecoglou has been able to shine in the Premier League.

When asked how Postecoglou has adapted to the Premier League, he replied, “It depends on your definition of adapting to the Premier League. I think it’s more the players who need time to adapt to the Premier League rather than the coach or the skipper.”

Hodgson: Postecoglou’s seamless integration into Premier League thanks to Champions League experience

“I think players do need time to adapt to the Premier League, especially when they come from different countries and different cultures. Because the intensity, the fierce competition, the short reaction time and the physical confrontation in the Premier League can be very different from the leagues they have played in before.”

“But Postecoglou comes from Celtic, he coaches games in front of 60,000-70,000 people every week, he’s played in the Champions League, he’s coached the Australian national team, he’s coached the best clubs in Japan so I don’t think it will take too much time for him to adapt to the Premier League.”

“He might be new to a lot of countries but I’m not surprised at all that he is.”

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