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On April 23, Baiyang Pharmaceutical, a listed company of A -share Health Brand Commercial Platform, released the 2023 annual report.The company realizes operating income of 7.564 billion yuan. If the calculation of the two -vote system is restored, the company realizes revenue of 8.585 billion yuan; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 656 million yuan, an increase of 29.55%year -on -year, and continuous growth in three years of listing; operating cash for three years; business cash; operating cashThe net volume was 610 million yuan, an increase of 99.41%over the same period.

The first quarterly report disclosed on the same day showed that Baiyang Pharmaceutical achieved operating income of 1.661 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2024, and the net profit of the mother after deduction was 165 million yuan, an increase of 30.71%year -on -year.

Specifically, during the reporting period, Baiyang Medicine further compressed the wholesale distribution business and focused on brand operations. The core brands maintained high -speed growth.Later, the brand’s business revenue was 5.4.2 billion yuan; the profit contribution accounted for 83.78%, which is the main source of the company’s profit.It is worth noting that the growth rate of Baiyang Pharmaceutical’s online business is obvious. In 2023, online sales revenue was 508 million yuan, an increase of 52.16%year -on -year, and accurately grasped the changes in marketing channels.

As the first listed company on the A -share health commercial platform, the brand effect of Baiyang Pharmaceutical Operation has gradually released, and its profitability has continued to grow at a high speed. It is the first brand of medical commercialization with a well -deserved A -share.

Since the introduction of the concept of medical representatives in the country in the 1990s, the medical promotion that can provide academic professional support has gradually attracted attention.However, traditional domestic pharmaceutical companies are mainly based on generic drugs, and they basically adopt “sales first” and “human sea tactics” to promote drug promotion, ignoring the brand power of the product.Only a lot of other companies recognize the importance of the brand.

With the in -depth transformation and rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, professional division of labor is becoming increasingly refined.In the development and production links of the upstream and middle reaches of the industry, many familiar markets such as CRO, CMO/CDMO have emerged.In the downstream commercialization link, traditional pharmaceutical wholesale and retail platforms have been difficult to fully meet the commercial needs of pharmaceutical products and cannot bring value -added services to products.

It is in this context that Baiyang Pharmaceutical, a third -party commercial platform focusing on the professional service of brand operation, has begun to show its unique value and scarcity.With in -depth insights on clinical scenes and strong brand operations, Baiyang Pharmaceutical can provide strong support for the commercialization of pharmaceutical products.Therefore, a third -party commercialization platform with brand operations has become an indispensable force in the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, Baiyang Pharmaceutical is different from traditional circulation enterprises and CSO. Since the establishment of the company, it has paid attention to creating brands. Through the creation of successful products after another with Di Qiao, Special, Fang Zhenghua,experience.

In accordance with the policy of medical reform, since 2018, Baiyang Medicine will be able to open up the entire industry and undertake many original research products for multinational MNC.Today, Baiyang Pharmaceutical has successfully established a “brand highway” to provide upstream industrial enterprises with omni -channel commercial solutions.Through this commercial platform with professional promotion capabilities and replication of various brands, Baiyang Medicine can realize value mining and release for various products.

According to the financial report, Baiyang Pharmaceutical has formed four major category matrices of OTC and large health products, OTX and other prescription drugs, tumors and other intensive drugs, and high -end medical equipment. It has key products in multiple segments and has maintained continuous growth for many years.

At present, Baiyang Pharmaceutical’s core brand Diqiao has been “the first in the domestic calcium supplement market for eight consecutive years” and achieved revenue of 1.897 billion yuan, an increase of 16.53%year -on -year.Hailu and Newtshuma brands achieved revenue of 640 million yuan and 83 million yuan, respectively, an increase of 49.88%and 44.36%year -on -year; Anlizawa achieved income of 238 million. If the two -vote system business was calculated, revenue was 276 million yuan.

In innovative products, Baiyang Medicine currently operates the first domestic full magnetic suspension artificial heart with the first NMPA and has the complete independent intellectual property rights. At present, this product has been implanted in more than 50 hospitals.More than 220 patients with heart failure benefits.Midis Medical’s ultrasonic use of electromagnetic positioning puncture guidance equipment and five -dimensional Kang’s heart -flying market at the heart have also entered the commercial stage, and clinical imports are undergoing clinical introduction.

In the market environment where the collection leads to the compression of profit margins in the industry, only brands based on consumer trust have continuous profitability.Being able to operate products on different tracks and continue to grow, which has continued to grow, which confirms that Baiyang Medicine’s development path has been looking forward and correct for many years.

After nearly two decade and successfully constructed a commercial platform, Baiyang Pharmaceutical officially opened an innovation strategy, that is, relying on the innovation and incubation results of the parent company Baiyang Pharmaceutical Group, and continuously transporting high -quality products to listed companies to enhance the improvement of listed companies, improved to improve, improved to improve, and improved to improve.Listed companies’ hematopoietic capabilities, and this is a unique advantage that other companies do not have.

Public information shows that, as a “industrial investor”, Baiyang Pharmaceutical Group, through the establishment of a platform for transformation of scientific research results, joined hands with national scientific research institutions, tapped valuable source innovation, and contributed to innovation achievements to invest in incubation.The most important thing in the Baiyang Innovation R & D model is that Baiyang Medicine’s powerful commercialization ability can insight into real clinical scene needs, and then through a reasonable incubation mechanism, guide the transformation of scientific research results that can really optimize medical scenarios.

In general, Baiyang Pharmaceutical Group mainly focuses on the three major areas of innovative drugs, high -end medical devices, and basic research platforms.At present, it has worked closely with many national -level scientific research institutions such as the Ministry of Medicine of Peking University, the Capital Medical University, and the Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to promote the transformation of multiple medical innovation projects.

Among them, products such as the full magnetic suspended artificial heart, ultrasonic electromagnetic navigation equipment and convenient home electrical instruments described in the previous article are carrying out commercial operations.Last year, Baiyang Pharmaceutical also received the commercial rights and interests of the group incubated the treatment of Bone necrosis (PDC) and radioactive nuclein puppets (RDC). This nuclear drug product is the first 1 type of innovation in the field of nuclear medicine in my country. Medicine and products are about to be declared and listed, and will become a heavy product in the field of innovative drugs in the future.

In addition, Baiyang Pharmaceutical Group also has a layout in innovative pharmaceutical weapon fields such as medical linear accelerators, nuclear medicine SPECT/CT, and anti -tumor immunotherapy. Many products have entered the clinical stage and are expected to provide continuous motivation for the company’s performance.

The Chinese pharmaceutical commercial environment is now the same as before. The market competition is becoming more and more intense, and the requirements for commercialization capabilities are getting higher and higher.Come and more favor.What is even more valuable is that the major shareholder Baiyang Pharmaceutical Group gives commercialization rights to listed companies through investment incubation and innovative products.It not only reduces the company’s excessive dependence on external products, but also avoids the risks brought about by innovative research and development. While ensuring the continuous growth of performance, it can also continuously obtain innovative products and maintain high -quality development.

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