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On March 25th, the first day of the opening of the 2024 autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Week. As an important business carrier of “introducing business flow and popularity” in Shanghai Fashion Week every quarter, the 2024 Autumn and Winter Mode Shanghai Clothing and Clothing Exhibition will start a new season at Changning International Plaza, Im Shanghai.Ordering.On the first day of the exhibition, the opening forum of M Space focused on “sustainable changes”, and the relevant person in charge of the Abacher Group introduced the latest progress of the first “Sustainable Life Complex” HAI 550 project in 550 Huaihai Middle Road.

This season’s Shanghai Fashion Week Mode exhibition has once again landed in Changning District, with the theme of “Morning Light Fashion · Rongying Oriental”, which means that the fashion industry has continued to rise as a whole.The new season MODE exhibition continues the advantages of platform agglomeration, bringing the official cooperation of HCH, Tudoo, XIN, and Wave in many Shanghai Fashion Week SHOWROOM (ordering platform) and the newly joined Mix Showroom.In addition, professional institutions such as wings, Moda Farmer, Mo Shihui, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, Popsroom Showroom, Closet Showroom also participated in the Mode exhibition this season.

This year’s government work report proposes to vigorously develop the green and low -carbon economy, promote the development of waste recycling industries, and accelerate the formation of green low -carbon supply chains.As one of the areas that are closely related to the lives of the people in the green low -carbon industry, the green, low -carbon, and sustainable development of the fashion industry has been a hot topic in the world in recent years.At this season’s MODE Exhibition Forum “M SPACE Creation Talk”, Thierry Andretta, the global CEO of the international brand Mulberry, also mentioned that more than 98%of the brand’s bag products have the “repairable” attributes., And use sustainable materials.

According to Cai Yan, the chairman and general manager of the Shimu Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi Group, the brand explored the transformation of the abolition of the quarry in Guangxi into a clothing factory park that can accommodate more than thousands of employees. When building a clothing plant in Foshan, GuangdongThe processing plant and gradually realized the use of water circulation.At the same time, enterprises are also exploring “sustainable” in the construction of talent teams. Since 2016, more than 1,600 employees have provided opportunities to study colleges. About two -thirds of them have realized their ability to improve their ability and enter management positions at all levels.Realize the sustainable development of talents.

Yang Jing, Executive Director of the 100th Project and HAI550 Marketing Director of the 100th Project of Yagol Innovation, introduced that as a well -known local men’s clothing brand, Yaga has continued to explore inventory transformation in recent years.After the original film of 2D, it was converted to the 3D system and re -developed, which greatly reduced the cost and labor cost of new products.

“Fashionable sustainability not only refers to the innovation in the design field, but also has the” sustainable “potential in fabrics, technology, supply chain and other fields.” Yang Jing said that at present, Yagore has established its own smart factory system to explore smart manufacturing in the fashion fieldpath.At the same time, the “Innovation 100 Project” incubated within the enterprise aims to build a designer platform with innovative power to transform green and sustainable design concepts into fashion products that can truly bring benefits to the brand and take into account social benefits.

The “sustainable update” of commercial retail projects is also regarded as an important path of fashionable and sustainable by the industry.No. 550 Huaihai Middle Road was once a well -known Barbie flagship store in Shanghai. After the operation, its building was vacant for more than ten years.Right now, this building is being transformed into an 8 -storey commercial industry with a construction area of 7,158 square meters.The project was jointly developed by the Yagol Group and the Tianmu team in Hangzhou Tianmu. It is positioned as the first commercial complex that is committed to showing sustainable lifestyles in China.

In Yang Jing’s view, the time and financial costs of enterprises spend a certain period of cycle, reinforce and transform the stock of the stock, and give it a new format positioning, it is a commercial sustainable exploration in itself.The important aspect of the foundation of this innovation exploration comes from the business atmosphere that has gradually improved in Huaihai Road in recent years.From the brand gathering space of the well -known glasses brand Gentle Monster, HAUS NOWHERE SHANGHAI is reinstalled, and the new Paradise Park with e -sports such as e -sports and other formats in Fuxing Park, all attracting young people in the city and even the country to come to check in and consume., Experience new formats.

Last year’s Hai550 event site

Yang Jing said that as the first commercial project on the Huaihai Road, which specializes in sustainable lifestyle, the Hai550 will open the space on the first floor of the commercial body and connect to the Huaihai Middle Road District.Art exhibitions, interactive experiences, community activities and workshops attract young people to “go in naturally after passing away”, and use diverse products and services to convey sustainable concepts.

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