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Caption: Interview with the strategic cooperation signing ceremony of JD Health and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center provided
Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jin Zhigang) On April 25, JD Health and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center reached a strategic cooperation.The two parties will actively respond to the “Health Children’s Action Program (2021-2025)” formulated by the National Health and Health Commission to promote the strengthening of the children’s health service network and the improvement of service capabilities in my country. Guarding children’s healthy growth.
According to the content of the cooperation, the two parties will jointly launch the full-scene public welfare project of the “Full of Novice Parents”, and strive to create a “health care science popular science” public welfare project, covering the diversified parenting needs of families at all ages of 0-18 years.Popular science education such as live broadcasts is carried out, and charity organizations and media are combined to jointly build a solid line of defense for children’s health.
At the same time, the two sides will jointly build a “JD health space” in the hospital’s institution to provide comprehensive health information and services for parents and children, covering diversified content such as disease science popularization, healthy diet, exercise suggestions, and Internet medical services.”Jingdong Health Space” also provides children’s rest and interactive space, and various health activities will be held to help improve children’s health.
The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center said: “We are glad to cooperate with JD health. We hope to rely on the high -quality medical resources of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and the professional ability and technical advantages of JD health in the Internet medical field to break the restrictions of traditional medical services, Guard more children’s healthy growth. “
The person in charge of JD Health also said that the JD Health and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center cooperated together to integrate the advantageous resources of both parties, explore more innovative service models in the field of children’s medical and health, and help improve the level of health management in children.In the future, JD Health and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center will continue to deepen cooperation and jointly promote industry progress.
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