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After Real Madrid lost 1-3 to Juventus, “Marca” wrote that Real Madrid once again proved that their striker is an embarrassing task, and they must introduce Mbappe this summer.

In the warm-up match that ended today, Real Madrid had a ball possession rate of 66%. They tried a total of 34 shots, 8 of which were on target, but only Vinicius scored a goal.

Juventus proves Real Madrid desperately need to strengthen up front, must bring in Mbappe this summer

“Marca” commented: “Beating Milan and Manchester United previously covered up Real Madrid’s problems. Although Real Madrid has Bellingham and Vinicius and Joselu on the front line, the team’s performance is not convincing. Among them, only Vinicius can provide an offensive threat, and it can be said that the team needs Mbappe more than ever.”

“The battle against Juventus is the best example. Real Madrid urgently needs to introduce Mbappe. Vinicius cannot be the leader alone, Joselu is only a transitional solution, and Rodrigo does not seem to be able to contribute steadily in a single season. An attacker with 30 goals. So if Real Madrid’s goal is to be champions in all competitions, the answer is Mbappe.”

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MLS Football Jersey