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The Chinese version of the Chinese version of the HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) model can be summarized as “preventive medicine+insurance innovation” as one of the company’s innovation layout. It is hoped that the value -added service after health check -up service chain will be extended by the service chain.

Recently, for the insurance problems faced with the patients and the elderly for a long time, the US Nian Insurance and several insurance companies jointly launched an innovative health insurance product called “Worry -free”.

According to reports, in 2023, the United States Nian Insurance United Zhongan launched the health insurance “not worry” for health insurance customized for the diseased population.Later, they received extensive praise in all districts in South China, Central China, and North China.This product underwritten a variety of nodules such as lung nodules, breast nodules, thyroid nodules, and the hospitalization costs of general past symptoms. It provides hospitalization costs with a guarantee of up to 1 million yuan, and is accompanied by medical projects to assist in the management of disease projects.Serve.After more than a year of continuous polishing, in 2024, “Grand Ways” will continue to ensure the original intention, renew its right to medical rights and interests, and strive to allow more people to enjoy a more intimate service experience after inspection.

Meiyue Insurance has launched a “worry -free” health insurance.In terms of professionalism, “Sorry” provides users with services such as medical treatment, online guidance, second consultation assistance, nursing assistance, etc., full process coverage and management of user medical treatment paths, providing convenient and professional medical services; “In terms of sexuality, for users with illness or accidental medical expenses, the protection of up to 1 million is given, which greatly reduces the burden on the user’s medical treatment, allowing users to feel at ease and seek medical treatment with peace of mind.

It is worth noting that the launch of “checking worry -free” is one of the important measures that Meimeian Health has committed to creating a full chain service of health management in recent years.Meinian Health has been committed to further combining professional medical examination, health management, diagnosis and treatment services with insurance payment to meet the increasingly diverse health needs of customers.This is not only an important layout of Meinian Health in the field of insurance business, but also its specific practice of exploring the new model of “insurance innovation+prevention of medical care”.

The relevant person in charge of Meinian Great Health stated that in 2024, the Big Health of Mei Nian will be committed to “promoting the construction of healthy China, putting the protection of people’s health in the strategic position of priority development”, and vigorously practicing enterprises that “protect the health of Chinese people”Mission, comprehensively speed up digital operations, continuously strengthen product innovation, and continuously promote the deep integration of digital intelligence AI technology and medical services, and provide customers with professional and warm and personalized health management services with temperature and personalized life cycle.

News link:Specific details of the guarantee plan

Guarantee object:Meimeian medical examination customers, natural persons 18-65 years old (1. Accepting general past symptoms: such as patients with common pulmonary nodules, breast nodules, and thyroid nodules;Or other complications caused by other complications cannot be claimed, and other past symptoms can be guaranteed.)

Responsibility:Social security medical expenses (the insured suffers from illness or accident during the insurance period, and the consistent and reasonable basic medical insurance expenses that occur during the hospitalization period of the general department of public hospitals in the second and higher public hospitals are in discharge during the hospital.

Guarantee amount:The payment limit is 1 million yuan (real -reported actual sales)

Payment ratio:The annual non -compensation amount is 10,000 yuan, 100%of the compensation ratio through medical insurance settlement, and 60%of the compensation ratio of unsuitable medical insurance card settlement

Settlement period:1 year

Waiting period:The disease waiting period is 30 days (the policy is effective); the accident has no waiting period

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