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Original title: Optimizing the business environment is the most long -lasting way to win.
For Ningxia, which is located in the northwest, it is undoubtedly the most urgent and urgent point to optimize the business environment to win the development of development, attract more companies to develop in Ning.
During the Spring and Autumn Period, the story of Guan Zhong’s change in helping Qi Xiong’s name is that he has always been familiar with people.
Today, when we read this history with economics thinking, we will find that Qi State is gradually moving towards one of the wealthy and strong wins, lies in the reorganization of business and business and creating a good business environment.For example, Guan Zhong proposed that “the virtual cars do not go, do not enter the bustle, far from people, far people”, empty cars and hiking, all of which are given tax -free discounts, so that they can attract people from distant people to buy and sell, and then facilitate trade.Promote economic development.The superior business environment made Qi State become the paradise of businessmen, and achieved the prosperous scene of “the businessmen of the world, the merchants of the world”.In terms of this approach, it is also of great reference and enlightenment for the development of private enterprises.
A good business environment is the basis for the development of the private economy.Our district always attaches great importance to optimizing the business environment. Last year, a comprehensive optimization of the “31” to optimize the business environment to promote the high -quality development of the private economy.Enhance the promotion conference in all aspects.Overview of the meeting, from “the private economy is good, Ningxia will be better”, to “optimizing the business environment is a major project that never completed ‘”, and then “effectively raising the business environment of Ningxia to a new grade”Drives, all reflect the attitude and determination of Ningxia’s development of private enterprises, and also convey the policy temperature to optimize the business environment.However, after all, the business environment is “excellent” endlessly. Especially at present, the development of new quality productivity has become the needs of the times and reality, and it also puts forward higher requirements for the continuous optimization of the business environment.
In the future, how the business environment is achieved and excellent to “new”, providing a good atmosphere for the development of new quality productivity is undoubtedly the key.
In my opinion, first of all, it is necessary to close the key point of “fair competition”.Take our district, whether it is to relax the market access policy of private enterprises, or to clean up the various regulations, practices and policies that hinder private enterprises from participating in market competition, … the business environment that treats equally and treats equality can give foot enterprises to dare to break throughThe confidence and courage of “uninhabited”.For example, Baofeng Group leads the energy and chemical industry’s decarburization and zero carbon change; Ningxia Xiyun Eugenic Power Technology Co., Ltd. has built and built the computing power cluster … These private enterprises can stand at the forefront of the market, at the green of the market, at the front of the market.Low -carbon, digital economy and other “new tracks” show their skills, which is the best confirmation.
Secondly, while encouraging enterprises to bravely break through the “uninhabited area”, the government must dare to break through the “uninhabited area”.Whether it is investment, finance, or employment, the high -quality development of private enterprises requires a more loose market environment and a better institutional guarantee.Although in recent years, policies that have continued to improve the business environment of the business environment, such as reducing market entry thresholds, increasing regulatory efforts, and promoting the reform of “decentralization of service”, but in the future, the business environment is not a convenient issue, but development for development, but development.The problem, we still have to dare to go out of the comfort zone, look for ways in the deep water area and the uninhabited area, go deep into enterprises at different types of different types of development, formulate more targeted policies and measures to better serve the market subject.
In addition, it is also the next step to promote the creation of a first -class business environment with the “digital” reform.From “letting enterprises run less legs, data more data”, to “run at most once”, to realizing “no need to run at a time” … Use digital technology to promote the interoperability between the government and the enterprise, which can make the government quickly and accurately understand the government’s quickly and precise understanding.Corporate needs can naturally provide more intimate services, and the development of private enterprises will naturally have a lot of worries.
In a word, the water is fish fat and the soil is the rice fragrant.The business environment is like sunlight, air, water, and soil. It is an indispensable nutrient that has rooted and thrives.For Ningxia, which is located in the northwest, geographical location, talent, and market do not have the advantage. If you want to win the initiative of development, attract more companies to develop in Ning, and optimize the business environment.Strong point is also the most long -lasting and strongest way of winning.Only by adhering to the feelings and evaluation of the enterprise as the first criterion for work, the determination and courage of self -revolution with the blade and self -revolution, and continuously promote the business environment to “new”, can we really answer the optimization of the business environment.Zhang Tao Paper.(Shen Qi)
Source: Ningxia Sunday
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