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2024 Shanghai Nature Education Innovation Competition is coming!

Here, you can activate the power of innovation and use unlimited creativity to create the influential magnetic field of natural education.Cases of recruitment in the city, come and show your style!

【Content Unveiled】

With the theme of “Shanghai, better natural education -exploring nature, harmonious symbiosis”, it reflects the characteristics of natural education. Natural education cases that reflect innovative education can be registered in terms of content planning, presentation forms, participation in aggregation, and transmission channels.

【Recruitment of the whole city】

This contest is widely solicited from all walks of life in Shanghai. All units or organizations engaged in natural education or enthusiastic natural education can participate.


Part.01 time arrangement

The event includes three parts: preliminary, finals, display and awards.

Part.02 preliminary race

It only needs to be submitted to the declaration form and proof of the project review before April 20, 2024, and the experts will be comprehensively selected by the application materials.

Part.03 final

The finals adopt the TED speech form, which can be presented in combination with the characteristics of natural education cases, and is evaluated by the expert group on the spot.

Part.04 Harvest

√ Exposure of high energy throughout the process!

√ Get the opportunity to compete with natural education innovation practitioners

√ Exchange and learning with experts in the field of natural education in the country

√ The award -winning case will be displayed and awarded at the 2024 China Natural Education Conference

√ Have the opportunity to carry out the display of natural education public lessons, send teaching to campus, enter the community

Part.05 Registration

Fill in related materials and send it to [email protected]

What are you waiting for?Hurry up and sign up!

【Directed by】

Shanghai Greening and Municipal Rong Administration (Shanghai Forestry Bureau)

Shanghai Ecological Environment Bureau


Shanghai Greening and Municipal Rong Propaganda Education Center

Shanghai Environmental Protection Publicity Education Center

Shanghai Forestry Society


Shanghai Garden Greening Industry Association

Shanghai Landscape Garden Society

News Morning Post Education Development Center

【Media Cooperation Unit】

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