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China News Service Liaoning News, April 18th. On April 16th, the 33rd Guangdong Fashion Week opened in Panyu District, Guangzhou, and Pulandian “Zhi” appeared in Fashion Week.
The Guangdong Fashion Week was founded in 2002. It has been successfully held for 32 sessions so far. It is an important part of the Guangzhou fashion release platform. It is one of the most influential fashion weeks in the country. It is further building an influential fashion at home and abroadPublish platform.
At the 2024 fashion industry cluster regional brand cultivation and collaborative development innovation exchange conference held on the opening day, Liu Renfei, deputy head of the Pulandian district, promoted the development advantage of Pulandian clothing and clothing industry. Pulandian District will focus on creating a “Northeast Asian Fashion Manufacturing Base”.It has become an industrial gathering demonstration area that integrates national quality fashion industry design, research and development, production, supply, exhibition and trade, live broadcast economy, cross -border transactions, and fashion release.
On the same day, the Pulandian District delegation also concentrated on visiting the 2024 Fashion Industry Cluster Regional Brand Fair Exhibition.Dalian Zhongbang Clothing Co., Ltd. and Dalian Fud Clothing Co., Ltd. from Pulandian District, as the POP -based Pulandian Fashion Industry Innovation Service Complex, participated in the joint exhibition, showing the charm and style of Pulandian’s “smart”Essence
“Northeast costumes look at Liaoning, Liaoning clothing, Dalian, Dalian clothing to see Pulandian.” The clothing and clothing industry is a traditional advantage industry in Dalian. More than 50%of the main economic indicators of clothing and clothing in Liaoning Province comes from Dalian.From Pulandian District.Pulandian District is a famous suit city in China, the smart manufacturing city of China, and the famous city of clothing customs in Liaoning Province. It has more than 40 years of clothing foreign trade production and processing history, high -quality supply chain in the clothing and clothing industry, high production and processing level, rich professional and technical personnel, sales of clothing and clothing productsThere are many places at home and abroad.In recent years, Pulandian District has been focusing on promoting intelligence, digital technology and deep integration of the real economy.At present, there are 4 high -tech enterprises in the region, 1 glared enterprise, and 1 young eagle enterprise.The leading enterprise Dayang Group’s two global clothing intelligent flexible custom factories, with an annual customized clothing output of 2 million pieces, is the world’s largest clothing customized enterprise.
In the next step, Pulandian District will actively interconnect with important industrial clusters across the country, build Liancheng excellent warehouses, and on the basis of maintaining the advantages of foreign trade, use the domestic market as the main point, absorb original designs, empowerment through digital empowerment, help helpThe local clothing industry has transformed to high value -added.Promote the in -depth integration of the regional clothing and clothing industry into the national interbank, docking industry resources, exert its own production and processing advantages, and brighten the Palan shop clothing business card.
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