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Richard Jefferson began the 2023-24 NBA season by mocking his co-star ESPN commentator JJ Redick in a humorous way during halftime of Victor Wimbanyama’s debut. Jefferson managed to convince Redick to star in a video pleading with fans to “take it easy on him.”

In the video, which was uploaded to his X account, Jefferson urged NBA fans to stop hating on Redick. The video is done in a satirical way, with RJ roasting his coworker for all to see. In Jefferson’s mind, that’s fair because he’s a good athlete and embraces it.

“I just want to tell all the NBA fans not to be too hard on this guy,” Jefferson said. Does his mom say he has a good face for playing? Yes, but that doesn’t mean he should be chastised online for those bad shots. He’s not like that, he’s a good guy, isn’t he?

“I just want to say don’t be too hard on him as we start the season and get on this road together. We all understand we’re working with him.”

Richard Jefferson jokes with JJ Redick on ESPN

Richard Jefferson and JJ Reddick are the second ESPN broadcast team, along with WNBA commentator Ryan Ruocco, who will handle the NBA Sunday Showcase Series for ABC Television.

Dave Roberts, the NBA’s director of game and studio production, called the move a preparation for the future, and he sees Jefferson, Redick and Ruocco as part of a natural succession plan.

“He sees Jefferson, Reddick and Ruocco as part of a natural succession plan. On this team, you have the potential for a succession plan,” Roberts said.

“It’s probably going to take another 10 years, but at the end of the day, the NBA is product-based, and whether it’s in-season games, Saturday night games on ABC or whatever – play-in games, playoff extensions – I think it’s important to have a clear No. 2 team.”

JJ Redick laughs about Richard Jefferson’s role in Warriors dynasty

Richard Jefferson appeared on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man and the Big Three” podcast earlier this year. The hilarious back and forth banter between these two former NBA players and ESPN colleagues showed the great chemistry between them.

RJ was traded to the Utah Jazz prior to the 2013-14 NBA season after a season and a half with the Golden State Warriors.

The trade freed up money for the Warriors to sign Andre Iguodala, who was a key member of the Warriors’ dynasty.Jefferson stayed with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016 and won a championship during the Warriors’ championship run.

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