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Former Atletico Madrid striker Simeone Jr. is essentially out for the season after suffering a fractured fibula during his preseason loan to Alaves, according to the latest reports.

Simeone suffered the injury in the 85th minute of Alaves’ friendly with Bugles on Sunday when he was roughly shanked by Matos. For Simeone Jr, this is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue.

Simone has a fractured fibula and is expected to be out for the season

Confirmed by the club, Simeone Jr. suffered a fractured fibula and dislocated ankle, surgery is inevitable and he is expected to miss six to eight months.

It is worth mentioning that the player’s injury will change with the passage of time and recovery status. But there is no doubt that Simeone Jr. has bid farewell to his debut season in La Liga.

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MLS Football Jersey