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113 years ago, FILA, founded by the FILA Brothers, is still leading the field of sports fashion single.

Even though this “century -old shop” has always been loved by consumers, if only from the perspective of FILA China’s commercialization, the sharp increase in retail performance is inseparable from “FILA China joined Anta in 2009”.Milestone incident.

A data: Before 2010, FILA China’s retail performance was less than 100 million yuan, and in 2018, this number reached 10 billion yuan, and in 2021, it exceeded 20 billion yuan.

On March 26, Anta released the 2023 financial report. FILA achieved operating income of 25.103 billion yuan, an increase of 16.6%year -on -year; gross profit was 17.315 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 21.2%; the operating profit was 6.916 billion yuan, an increase of 60.8%year -on -year;%, An increase of 2.6 percentage points year -on -year; the operating profit margin was 27.6%, an increase of 7.6 percentage points year -on -year.

This set of data that ordered investors to be hot, sweeping the external doubts about FILA last year, and domineering announced their strong return.

Such amazing results.Naturally reminds people of the CEO of the Anta Group Fashion Sports Brand Group, and the phrase “never worried that FILA touched the ceiling” that Feng Qingyun said before. “

Permaneous performance in 2023, FILA does have the confidence of this remark.

As a century -old company, FILA is destined not to lie on the past credit book.In 2024, they formulated a series of innovative players to consolidate their status of “sports fashion single -top chairs”.Because the sports fashion that has been imitated has never been surpassed, a century -old FILA.

The reason behind the data is revealed to high -quality growth

The data is only result, the starting point and the landing process are the reasons behind the dazzling data.

Last year, FILA senior management said in an interview with the media- “FILA has been more concerned about the quality and composition of growth after the growth rate of the past few years and reaching a certain amount.”

Naturally, FILA China cannot be required to require FILA China in the past.In fact, in recent years, it is not easy to maintain an average annual growth of more than 10%in recent years.Compared with similar companies with 2023 revenue greater than 10 billion yuan, Li Ning (6.96%), Tub (10.94%), FILA’s growth rate is definitely “far ahead”, showing the “monster” rule that is crushed.force.

This high -quality growth is naturally inseparable from FILA’s development strategy-

First, FILA’s high -end sports fashion brand positioning.Beginning with the stylish and beautiful tennis clothing in the 1970s, By the Stadium rules of the stadium wearing a stylish and beautiful tennis sportswear, FILA found a unique development path called “Sports and Fashion Specials”.The leader of the road.

Secondly, it is a direct -operating system for “brand+retail”.Nearly 2,000 offline physical stores in FILA China have achieved the leading efficiency industry in the same venue, and the profits have also steadily improved.It is understood that, as the person in charge of FILA, Yao Weixiong attaches great importance to the offline store. He is also one of the most frequent people in sports brand executives.

Again, the product covers is wide enough.Children aged 1-13, trendy people aged 15-25, and high-end fashion sports people aged 25-45 can provide products they need-there are enough audiences. As long as the products are good enough, they can get consumers.Recognize and like it, the probability of sales will rise.

Finally, the layout of international vision and international market.Throughout the list of FILA spokespersons, you will find that most of them are fashionable or sports stars with international influence. In addition, international fashion shows can often see FILA.It reached more than 30.FILA’s international visibility and reputation can always be maintained, which is also due to this.

Therefore, “New Product Selling Rate> 80%”, “Operating Extraction 29.7%”, “Offline Top Special High Stores> 2 million” “2 million”, “30%”, “Douyin/Official Website Growth> 50%”The results of the “high double -digit growth of shoes/clothes sports products” are all the things after the establishment of the established strategy.

The brand is renovated, and the century -old FILA continues to inject fashion elements into sports

The FILA brand was born in Italy. The earliest product design was deeply influenced by Italy’s elegant and enthusiastic style.

In the 1970s, FILA signed a well -known tennis star Bi Yueberg, established a “elegant and fashionable” sports brand image, and established a wide range of popularity.However, due to the global market expansion and market competition, brand positioning gradually changed its focus from fashion to professional movement.

However, FILA does not need to make any choices in the two dimensions of “sports” and “fashion”.As Shi Rui, vice president of FILA Greater China Market, said, “Movement is the foundation of FILA’s brand, and fashion is just a market positioning that FILA is different from other sports brands.”

FILA never makes choices for sports and fashion.

Fashion difference positioning is formulated by FILA after joining Anta Group.At that time, Anta Group also conducted a lot of market research and found that in the “post -Beijing Olympics era”, Chinese consumers’ demand for fashion and personality has gradually improved.

As a result, FILA China also officially proposed the strategy of “returning to fashion” to establish a brand positioning of high-end sports fashion, with high-end consumers aged 25-45 as the main target customer base.

At the same time, the return of fashion FILA has not reduced the standard of sports professionalism.

In terms of product design, FILA continues to innovate, combined with fashion trends and consumer needs, launched a series of popular products.For example, FILA’s “Daddy Shoes” series has become a explosion in the market with its retro style and comfortable experience.In addition, FILA also cooperated with cultural institutions such as the British V & A Museum to launch cross -border products to further enhance the brand image.

In terms of brand building, FILA has strengthened its influence in the field of professional movement through cooperation with top competitions and athletes.At the same time, FILA has also established close connections with young consumers through digital marketing and social media platforms to enhance the brand’s social attributes and market vitality.

In addition, FILA has now begun to sponsor the tennis events of almost all age groups, and also offers corresponding competition training courses to provide Chinese adolescents with a comprehensive way to contact tennis.The national team, at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao wore FILA’s uniform.In April last year, FILA GOLF also co -branded with the British Super Running brand McLaren, and the market response was amazing.

According to reports, FILA Chinese designers will regularly go to the FILA Museum in Biella, Italy, in the birthplace of the brand, where more than 100,000 brand design sketches and samples are stored.Designers will draw inspiration from the previous design files, and then derive various series of products based on Chinese consumers’ models and needs.

FILA once said, “As far as categories are concerned, FILA is a sports company. But the process of planning and development of products is actually more like a high -end fashion company.”

FILA takes product innovation as one of the most important indicators. There are more than 50%of innovative fabrics launched every season. There is no doubt that FILA is one of the most frequent and most productive companies in sportswear companies.

It is not difficult to see that although FILA is remembered by people, fashion is the bonus of its market differentiation. FILA’s brand is still sports.

In 2024, FILA has a new action on the road to innovation -the brand is renovated.

As an international brand, FILA’s brand in 2024 was upgraded to “Make Performance Beautiful”.

It is not difficult to see that, driven by the dual professional of “sports+fashion”, FILA must further defend the sports and fashion single product moat and the determination to open up a new professional sports field.

Where is the next FILA?Maybe his opponent has only himself

While keeping the moat while holding the moat, FILA is also actively opening up new growth tracks.

On the one hand, FILA expands product lines and market fields through a diversified strategy.FILA Kids, as well as FILA GOLF and FILA SKI series focusing on high -end sports such as golf and skiing, these new product lines not only enriched FILA’s product portfolio, but also brought new growth points to the brand.

On the other hand, FILA also performed well in market expansion.Through the opening of flagship stores and upgrading image stores in high -level cities, FILA strengthened direct interaction with consumers, and enhanced the brand’s visibility and influence.At the same time, FILA also actively deployed online channels to achieve diversification and globalization of sales channels through e -commerce platforms and self -built digital platforms.

Looking forward to the future, FILA will continue to consolidate its leadership in the field of sports and fashion, and is committed to creating a “monster” brand with strong competitiveness.It is reported that FILA will achieve this goal through the following aspects:

Technological innovation: FILA will continue to increase R & D investment, and develop new technologies and functional new products with core competitiveness, such as smart sports clothing and environmental protection materials to meet consumers’ needs for high -tech and sustainable products.

Brand collaboration: FILA will achieve synergistic effects with other brands under Anta Group, and enhance overall competitiveness through resource sharing and market complementarity.

Market deepening: FILA will continue to deepen the development of the Chinese market, while exploring the potential of emerging markets and international markets, and achieving a global layout.

Consumer experience: FILA will enhance consumer brand loyalty and satisfaction by improving store experience and optimizing online shopping processes.

Social responsibility: FILA will actively perform corporate social responsibilities, release goods containing environmental protection materials, and carry out ESG plans for enterprises to enhance brand image and social influence by supporting sports industry and promoting sustainable development.


FILA successfully created itself into a brand with strong competitiveness in the field of sports fashion by holding the two -wheel drive strategy of the moat and opening up the new track.In the future, FILA will continue to take innovation as the motivation, consumers as the center, and continuously explore and challenge to achieve the grand goal of becoming a “monster” brand in sports fashion.

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