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Recently, the launching conference of the Grassroots Health Service Project of the National Health and Health Commission Population Culture Development Center was held in the Beijing National Test International Conference.Mao Qunan, deputy director of the Office of the National Patriotic Health and Sports Commission and Mao Qunan, the Director of Planning and Development of the National Health and Health Commission and the Director of Information Technology, delivered a video in the form of a video.Zhang Jianbing and Liu Jian, director of the Committee of Population Culture Development, attended the meeting.
Mao Qunan Video speech
Mao Qunan pointed out in a video speech that under the quality of high -quality science popularization services, the grassroots level and the ability to improve grassroots popular science services are particularly important. In particular, we must pay special attention to rural areas.
Zhang Jianbing addresses
Zhang Jianbing pointed out that the project will be based on public welfare, focusing on health science popularization, disease prevention, and intelligent empowerment, and will benefit the people such as prevention, health care and rehabilitation, and provide effective health services.
Relevant comrades of the Department of Health and Health of the grassroots level proposed that grass -roots medical staff and rural doctors are vital to primary medical services. The improvement of grass -roots service capabilities is the key to harvesting happiness and gaining sense of urban and rural residents.
Granting ceremony
Liu Jian issued a certificate to the project promotion unit and project propaganda, and Zhang Lifang, a researcher at the Health Development Research Center of the National Health and Health Commission, interpreted the relevant policies of grassroots health services.
Guo Yanjiao, deputy director of the project office, said that the next public welfare activities will be carried out around the health issues of health science, grassroots assistance, elderly people, children, and women., Implementation.
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