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“Science” sounds very high in the past, but now when I hear “science”, I feel a little superstitious.why?Perhaps many work related to science is not engaged in science. I am engaged in health education, but I found that in this line, “science” is often a stumbling block, holding the name of “science”. Because of the old and conservative rules, it cannot be flexible.
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So I did my homework and talked with you about “science”.
What is science
The definition of “science” is actually an interpretation system of knowledge.How to understand?Let me give you an example, a gust of wind blew, and the wind chimes rang.Ask why?So there are many explanations about this phenomenon.Some people say that this is a demon blame; some say that this is the wind of the wind; some people say that the air pressure causes air flow, causing the wind bell to vibrate, and a sound is made.Do you understand it?These three are used to explain the phenomenon. The explanation of “science” is only one of them.Now everyone generally thinks that the third one is more in line with “science”.
Let’s see how “science” came from.The term “science” originated from the Renaissance of Europe. Prior to this, Europe was ruled by Christianity. Everyone was also superstitious about God. At that time, the explanation of the phenomenon belonged to “God Cloud.”With the continuous development of productivity, everyone continued to explore the nature of nature, and found that Christian clergy was deceived the masses for their own interests.So the “science” thought that respects the laws of nature gradually developed, and finally replaced the idea of God.The occurrence of “science” was to replace Christian superstitions, but no one did not expect that “science” himself slowly turned into another “superstition”.
Why is “science” gradually become a superstition?”Science” is an interpretation. When the explanation becomes a “standard”, “science” is superstitious.Because “science” is not a standard, but “practice” is.Also give an example.When I was hungry in the past, I knew to eat. This was the result of practice, because I was not hungry when I eat. This is the practice summary; now there must be scientific standards and scientific attitudes. Now we are hungry.It is clear how the human body is hungry. What kind of rice is safe and unsafe. Do a 123 -phase clinical clinical. It can be scientifically explained by all processes. We eat again.There are no such silly people all over the world.This example is more easy to understand, but if it is time for our disease and drugs, a large number of silly examples can no longer be stupid.Superstition “science” will bring extremely serious consequences, even the cost of life.
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So in the end, we are Chinese, and we must understand that Chairman Mao said: Practice is the only criterion for testing and finishing!The interpretation of practical results is science, and the explanation that does not meet the results of the practice is unscientific.We must believe in science, but we must not be superstitious.It depends on practical support does not support this “science”!
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