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Eight treasure rice has eaten so much

During the Mid -Autumn Festival, this oneThe crowd of buying people in Xinya Moon CakeIs such that–

Unexpectedly, Xinya Tmall flagship store is also sold!Without leaving home, you can wait for the net red moon cake to send it to your mouth.

Seeing the color of the duck meat, you know that you have completely entered the taste. The flavor of the soy sauce is sweet, the meat is firm, and you can also eat the skin texture of the subcutaneous.If you ca n’t finish eating that day, you can still put it in the refrigerator. When you talk at night, open the refrigerator to steal one or two pieces of sauce ducks, which is also a common thing (such as me).

Sweet -savory beef, which is also one of the most favorite of the elders in the game at home.The beef is not cheap, but it is very durable.

Its duck legs and sausages are highly quality. The oil is cooked out and penetrated into the rice. It is just a word, fragrant!

Because it is cooked, you can eat it when you open it. The moon cake is wrapped in three layers and three layers inside.

Xiaogui is small, but it can be seen that the bean products are evenly distributed with uniform pores.

The northern friends may not have seen the yellow mud snail. Several agents who eat for the first time frowned and said, “What is this thing?”

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