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  Through scientific nearly anti -meaning words, it can help everyone understand the meaning and usage of science, and sort outScientific synonyms and scientific antonymsAnd the explanation of scientific meaning, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What are scientific synonyms and antonyms, and what is scientific meaning

  What is scientific synonym?

  Scientific research

  What are the scientific antonyms?


  Scientific pronunciation

  The scientific pinyin is:【Kē xué】

  What does science mean?

  Refers to the use of general truth or general theorem that discovery, accumulation and accumulation, has systematized and formulating knowledge.

Common synonyms and common antonym examples

  Common synonyms: Example:

  Stormy waveTurbulent  Sturdyfirm  CrystalDehuminate  Dangerdamage

  Permeatedispersion  strangenessRare  kindlykind  As usualExample  NoisyNoise

  Common antonym examples:

  graduallyimmediately  moveindifferent  stillNot  willingbe opposed to  momentforever

  panic Calm  missforget  hapinesspain  wide awakeUnscrupulous  aroundmiddle

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