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Levan has just wrapped up this summer’s tour of the United States with Barcelona, where they beat Milan 1-0 in their final friendly. Ahead of that game, Levan spoke to CBS Sport about his goals for next season, his relationship with manager Xavi and teammate Gündogan, and also recalled the moment he decided to move from Bayern to Barcelona a year ago.

The first question the reporter asked Levan was about his relationship with manager Xavi, to which the Polish striker replied, “I’m happy to work with him. We first met when he was still playing soccer, so I saw what a great player he was. But as a coach, he took a different path than when he was a player. As a player, he was associated with the tiki-taka style. As a coach, Xavi will utilize everything he ha

Winning the Champions League requires luck and healthy players Leaving Bayern was a difficult decision

In his first year at Barcelona, Levan managed to win the La Liga top scorer crown, with his goals helping the team win the title. However, he does not hide the fact that he is targeting the Champions League. Levan said, “It is always difficult to assess whether a particular team can win the Champions League. You can’t say more until after the group stage and in order to win such trophies you need luck as well as healthy players.”

Exactly one year ago, Levine left Bayern, where he had been playing for eight years, and he was asked about it again, and explained the reasons for his decision to move: “The decision was very difficult for me. I felt very comfortable in Munich and I did everything I could. I know everything about the club, including training and my teammates. But in life, I didn’t want to stop. I want to see everything more fully, so I have to move on. That’s why this transfer is the best for me, even though I know that the first season is always tough because there’s a new club, team, teammates. But in the second year it should be much easier because I already know a lot, I’m learning Spanish and it’s easier to communicate. I think all of that will reflect on the pitch.”

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MLS Football Jersey