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Sichuan News Network-First Screen News Mianyang, April 3 (Reporter Liu Jiahui Photography Report)On April 2nd, the “Sports · Family” national ball juvenile event jointly innovated by the Sichuan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Provincial Department of Finance entered the British Talent School of Mianyang Middle School.
Activity site
It is reported that this event is based on the consciousness of the Chinese nation community, with the integration of national unity and sports as the starting point, and regional schools as a carrier.The strong joint efforts of widespread exchanges, comprehensive exchanges, and deep integration of all ethnic groups.
The team members take a photo with students
At the event, coaches and players from the Sichuan table tennis team did technical and tactical training for students and brought table tennis exhibition competitions. Professional explanations and superb competitive technologies won the live applause of the teachers and students on the scene. Applause and cheers continued.Mianyang athlete Leng Yutong shared his training experience and experience of winning the championship on the spot.She talked about how she grew step by step on the table tennis road, how to overcome obstacles in world -class competitions, and shared her experiences to face stress and difficulties.
“I have not only practiced a strong will through the competition, but also met the masters from all over the world through table tennis. The belief of winning the glory of the country made me full of love and persistence in this sport.” Leng Yutong saidMany classmates love table tennis, like the spirit of never giving up a table tennis, and integrate this sports spirit into learning and life.
Leng Yutong and his teammates play table tennis exhibition games
Table tennis knowledge Q&A, interactive communication experience … also launched fun games on the spot.The students are highly interested and enthusiastic about their age, gender, regardless of their gender, regardless of their gender, regardless of their gender, regardless of their gender, regardless of their ethnic groups.A happy smile, like a beautiful flower of a beautiful nation, blooms in every corner.
As the characteristic link of the “Symposium · Family” activity, the provincial team members also interacted with more than 10 students on the spot to “discuss” the ball skills and experience the charm of ping -pong sports together.Rubbing the ball, attacking the sideways, pulling back the ball, and fastening … The students took turns to play, and they are not tired. Although there is a small gap in technology, they are particularly serious.
Students “discuss” ball skills with players
“I have learned a lot today! It is rare to have such a good opportunity to” trick “with professional athletes, and the whole process enjoyed very much.” Wang Zihan, a sixth -year -old student of the 12 -year -old, said excitedly at the event site.As a representative of a small athlete, he tried to “face face” with the players, obtained the experience of “battle”, and also got the signature of the other party. He was very excited.”I hope that in the future, I can carry out more such activities, and I will also practice table tennis, learn from them, and strive to improve the level of ball skills.”
Wang Zihan, the sixth grade eighth student Wang Zihan, “tricked” with the team members on the spot
The reporter learned that from 2023-2024, the “Tongye Sports · Family” activity in Sichuan Province included fun sports challenges, national ball juveniles, urban carnival, champion entered campus and religious activities, the provincial finals, provincial team training, etc.Part.Some cities (states) will also hold the “Urban Carnival” event simultaneously, and invite outstanding athletes such as world championships and national champions based on the event development.Essence
Next, the “Together Movement · Family” event will also be organized in more than 10,000 basic social unit organizations including major primary and secondary schools, religious activities, and village communities in 21 cities (states) in the province. It is expected to mobilize more than 1 million or moreThe participation of the masses of all ethnic groups in order to promote the extensive exchanges, comprehensive exchanges, and deep integration of people of all ethnic groups, especially the majority of young people and religious circles.
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