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Yue Fashion | Release the transaction boom, in -depth analysis of why the Guangzhou Baima clothing market can be hot for 31 years?###
  From March 6th to 8th, 2024CHIC China International Costume Clothing Expo (abbreviation: Shanghai Fair) is held in Shanghai, Yuexiu Commercial Management Professional Market benchmark project GuangzhouWhite horseThe clothing market, bringing 11 high -quality original brands to participate in the exhibition, continued to work on original and fashionable tracks.

  This year’s Shanghai Service Expo has created a “brand ecological construction and a gathering platform for brand resources under the change of new lifestyles”. This exhibition, Bai Horse has the outstanding advantage of high quality and original power.The intention of customers is 5500+, the number of check -in membership is 21,000, the number of 7000+ buyers will grow in a single day, and the single -day single -day franchise store will break 40.White Horse also won the Chicaward 2024 Industry Promotion Award in this event. With actual actions, it brightens the golden signboard of Guangzhou’s “fashion capital” and improves the competitiveness and product reputation of the widely cargo market.

  During the exhibition, the Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market launched the White Horse Original Brand Lianxiu, which dynamically displayed high -quality Nanyue clothing. With diverse clothing categories, innovative unique clothing design, and fashion trend, it attracted many merchants to stop and enter the museum.Consultation purchase.

  ▲ Event scene picture

  The spring meaning is strong, and the white horse is blooming warmly.This year is the 31st year established by the Guangzhou Baima clothing market. As the leading project of the professional market, Baima has developed into an influential Chinese brand clothing international trading center and the Chinese clothing brand incubation base.The track has precipitated deep operating experience and further empowers the development and development of multiple formats.

  In recent years, the Guangzhou Baima clothing market has continued to take root in the Chinese clothing market, and magnify the “Yuexiu Ecological Circle” resource effect, consolidate the leading position in the professional market field, and at the same time, the brand designer innovatively operates a new business model, increases the designer brand and designer brand andThe support of growth brands has cultivated more small and medium -sized clothing enterprise brands to go out of white horses, go to the world, and explore more new paths for professional markets.

  In the Guangzhou Baima clothing market, the brand and commercial venues have been separated from simple “leasing relationships”, but content in -depth collaborators and co -creators.The Guangzhou Baima clothing market is no longer just a simple space, but also an incubation platform carrying original and fashionable power.

  In the past 31 years, Bai Ma has insisted on the brand incubation as its responsibility and won the first batch of “Chinese clothing brand incubation bases”, and has cultivated 81 Chinese clothing growth brands and 35 outstanding Chinese clothing channel suppliers.In order to empower the growth of emerging brands, Baima has built young designer brand incubation platform and Chinese original design brand base, empowering original design brands, and promoting the development of professional market branding.White Horse has always been coexisting and win -win with brand merchants, stimulating the original power in different links of the entire industry chain platform, and brings a demonstration role for the win -win and incubation of Yuexiu Commercial Management and partners.

  As a benchmark project in Yuexiu Business Management, in 2023, the 25th channel of the Guangzhou Baima clothing market on the second floor and the three -story 35th channel Chinese original brand design base was officially unveiled, and four top ten designer brands and 12 emerging women’s clothing were introduced one after another.Brand, expand the original brand lineup, further enrich the white -horse brand clothing matrix, empower the original brand clothing designer, innovate and enhance the overall “clothing product power”, and form a strong customer attraction.

  In recent years, Yuexiu’s commercial management has vigorously developed the county’s wisdom economy. With Yuexiu’s huge member system, diverse resource ecology and improved management mechanisms, it has strengthened the interoperability of multiple commercial business formats such as office buildings, shopping malls and professional markets.

  In June 2022, Bai Horse linkages Yuehui City, the largest retail mall in the west of Guangzhou, and opened the first white horse year to promote the promotional campaign of Outlets.”A big highlight in the series of activities.

  The Wuhan Yuexiu IFC IFC Guojin Tiandi, located in Wuhan’s core business district aviation road business district, introduced the Guangzhou Baima clothing market to select the original design brand exhibition during the grand opening of June last year, preferably 5 original brands to help the project, create its own independenceSome “urban gravity fields” form a unique “memory point” of consumers; further promoting the brand influence and popularity of White Horse in Central China, so that more people’s strength brands can enter more consumer vision.

  At the same time, the Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market also uses the advantages of Yuexiu Commercial Management’s multiple formats to create a variety of models such as “exhibition hall+professional market”, “office building+professional market” and “industrial park+professional market”.Yuexiu Business Management takes the Guangzhou Baima clothing market as an important platform. By continuously deepening the integration of the upstream and downstream resources of the industry, the value of the platform will maximize the value of the platform, promote the establishment of a strong chain of the fashion industry.The professional market space truly realizes the multi -functional transformation of the professional market.

  With the deepening of the new retail concept, the emergence of new forms of new forms, and the changes in the consumption environment … The clothing industry has entered an unprecedented transformation fast lane.Among them, Yuexiu Business Management has focused on professional markets as an important circulation platform for the clothing industry. The advantages of linking the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain help the Guangzhou Baima clothing market takes the “channel” as a breakthrough, with one hand, pioneering in one hand, and creating multi -pronged creation to create multi -pronged creation creation.”New channel”.

  Today, “live broadcast and goods” has become a trend of upgrading in the professional market, and more and more professional markets are rejuvenating new vitality through live broadcasts.How to highlight the siege in the changing market and drive the white horse to be advanced in the professional market, which is the direction of Yuexiu Merchant Management for many years.

  As the International Trading Center of China Brand Clothing, the Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market continues to develop a variety of information management and marketing tools, developed the white horse four -good merchant evaluation system, one -handed strict selection of the album system, etc., and also independently developed the “white horse strict selection” platform to introduceThe 252 brands settled in the Bailima Selection of the album. Through the online exploration store live broadcast and offline powder suction membership activities, the Member Service System of the Yuexiu Merchant Management Line Yuexiang Meeting will expand nearly 310,000 purchaser members.50,000 people, established more than 770 brand communities to establish an efficient community service system.

  In addition, the Guangzhou Baima clothing market has set up a BM Super Live Room. Through the two major platforms of Douyin and Tencent Live, it revitalizes private domain traffic and expands purchaser members with online live broadcast live broadcast and offline powder suction membership activities. In the past two years,It has carried out nearly 600 live broadcasts, promoted thousands of brands in the promotion venue, with a cumulative view of more than 4 million people, providing buyers with online version of service.

  Yuexiu Business Management has piloted live scenes and live broadcast rooms in more professional market projects such as Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market and China -Hong Kong Leather City, creating a hardware environment for “bags for broadcasting”.The “digital wave” of wholesale and retail makes it a “new explosion point” online.

  The Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market has pioneered the market procurement festival through the “Xingxing Market” strategy. It runs through the year through various innovative activities, actively promotes the brand to promote the brand, stimulates the enthusiasm of merchants in the market, and expands new channels.

  Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market has organized merchants to participate in China International Clothing and Clothing Expo (Chic) for many years.Organizing the strong participation in the Canton Fair, the super -participating lineup has attracted the attention of many overseas merchants and created new opportunities for the internationalization process of Chinese original brands. In September 2023, the Guangzhou Baima clothing market also joined forces to participate in Guangdong Fashion Week.And jointly released new products with the original brand, bringing new vitality to the original Chinese original.

  At the same time, the Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market also organized main lines such as “Spring Call+Summer Promotion+Qiu Cai+Winter Promotion” to carry out group business docking, continuously attracting precision buyers, and empowering project operations.

  Deeply cultivating the professional market of clothing 31 years, the Guangzhou Baima clothing market actively responds to the call of the government’s high -quality development, leads the brand to actively explore the foreign market, obtain more support from the government, shows the strength of Yuexiu business management, helping the company to enhance the international influence and popularityEssenceHolding many foreign exchange activities, accurately excavating foreign buying needs, targeted matching channels, greatly enhance the effect of activities participating in the brand’s raising effects, allowing foreign companies and brands to accurately docking and helping transactions for cross -border trade.

  Not only that, the Guangzhou Baima clothing market continues to expand and deepen the strategy of “going global and introducing” to promote international development as an important entry point, break through the previous localization model, and open up international fashion channels.

  · Establishing normalized exchanges with the Hong Kong Trade Development Agency and the South Korean East Gate Market Association, and do not regularly organize merchants in the field to participate in Hong Kong Clothing Exhibition, Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan, Seoul International Textile Exhibition in South Korea, and Magic Fashion Show in Las VegasWait for international clothing exhibitions;

  · Sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the Korean Clothing Culture Association to achieve cross -border and cross -border cooperation to build a bridge;

  · With the rapid development of the economy and clothing industry in Southeast Asia, the opportunity for Chinese companies to enter the Southeast Asian market has greatly increased. The White Horse Clothing Chamber of Commerce has organized business inspections in the Southeast Asian market, focusing on important countries in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.Essence

  Moroccan delegation visited the white horse

  With scene creation as the core, promote new consumption innovation applications.Yuexiu Commercial Management Fields set up a station, attract new traffic with new scenes, and use technology and creativity to reshape the fashion consumption industry, so that Chinese originals “out of the circle” in the world.


  In recent years, Yuexiu Commercial Management has accurately exerted its efforts and measures. Through comprehensive innovation such as concepts, models, management, services, and scenes, we will focus on promoting the professional market “platform to develop trade, internationalization of quality, promotion of networkization, and depth of service”. “EssenceAs an important carrier of the domestic clothing fashion industry, the Guangzhou Baima clothing market continues to take root in the Chinese clothing market, consolidate the leading position in the professional market field, and continues to lead the high -quality development of the professional market field in terms of business models, channel changes, and innovative operations, helping GuangzhouThe construction of the fashion capital will continue to write a new chapter.

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